Stranger from Across the Country Helps Homeless Man Get Back on His Feet

Scott Kuczmarski’s life has changed for the better over the past few years, in large part because of his willingness to reach out and change the lives of others for the better.

It started in early 2019, when Kuczmarski, from Rhode Island, read the book “The Art of Happiness” by the Dalai Lama. He summed up the book by saying that it teaches “you cannot be happy by pursuing your own happiness directly, you must pursue it through the happiness of others”.

Retired and looking forward to a life of excitement, he visited his son in California. His son was attending medical school and was doing rotation at Stanford, so Kuczmarski decided to help him.

He began using his time to support his son, and while he was in the area, he also distributed water bottles to the homeless.

It was during a visit to Palo Alto this May that he experienced a bout of irritation. I said Good Morning America that he was walking with his dog, frowning and sipping a cold cup of coffee when he saw Robert Pineda.


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Pineda was riding a bicycle laden with all her earthly possessions. However, his state didn’t seem to bother him in the least, and Kuczmarski clearly remembers that he was “smiling with his ear while he was walking down the street,” as he put it. Fox News.

“I have to meet this guy,” he thought.

So he did.

it’s as simple as that. He asks Pineda out for coffee, where he learns a little about the man’s story. The two succeeded, and a friendship was born. During the rest of the time that Kuczmarski was there, the two met often because breakfast.

At the end of his son’s rotation, Kuczmarski returned to his home in Rhode Island – but that was not the end of his friendship with Pineda.

“Once you become someone’s friend, [you] become a friend for life,” says Pineda, echoing Kuczmarski, explaining that they “just start there. “

Kuczmarski was back in October of that year, and this time, he took the friendship up a notch. To better understand Pineda’s state and strengthen their relationship, Kuczmarski spent a night on the street with him, and the experience was eye-opening.


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“It doesn’t take more than one night to realize how invisible you are and how people ignore you,” he said.

His interest in Pineda grew. He heard how Pineda had been “jumped and beaten with stones” by many people and experienced many hardships. He dreams of a way to put his new friend in a better situation, both in terms of mental health and circumstances.

By May 2020, Pineda took up residence in a small cabin the pair is slowly renovating, just 30 miles from Kuczmarski in Rhode Island.

59 years ago Homeless man is flourishing, and although he has left “his whole life in the hope of only finding a better life,” that better life has become a reality.

“Scott has done something with his life and he… not only wants to live in retirement, but wants to share his life with me,” Pineda said. “And I shared my life with him. And I think those are unshakable things.”

After seeing the transformation in Pineda, Kuczmarski is urging others – especially retired people – to go out and do things. personal: Introduce yourself, show kindness and get involved in the lives of the homeless. Not only will it help someone else’s plight, but it can also add a little happiness to your own life.

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‘The Art of Happiness’: Stranger from Across the Country Helps Homeless Man Get Back on His Feet

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