Strange Skyrim clip shows cow being punched and turned to stone

While it may be hard for some people to believe, Skyrim now more than 10 years old. Over the past decade, the game has remained remarkably relevant, with many continuing to explore breathtaking places in the world of Tamriel. While many of these localities contain unusual and magical beasts, other animals, such as domesticated cows, are not so alien.

Visible in many areas of Skyrim, Cows are domesticated animals Usually raised on farms. Large cows provide a natural resource for the land-dwelling native Nords, as they are a good source of meat and milk. In addition, they can be killed by the player to receive raw beef and cowhide. Recently, a gamer had an encounter with one of these domesticated animals.


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In a post on Reddit, a user by the name of jackrabbitdragon shared a video of an unusual encounter in Skyrim. The video begins with the player ending up interacting with a farmer known as Aifa. After a brief moment, the player leaves the NPC and continues across the farmland. However, they crossed the road with a cow in an open field just seconds later. Freely grazing on the vegetation, the large animal had no idea what was about to happen.

After going to where the cow was screaming, jackrabbitdragon decided to punch it. In a strange turn of events, the living animal suddenly stopped moving and let out a pitiful groan. Startled by what had happened, the player stepped back and stared at the bull. Amazingly, it was turned into a stone statue. The player continues to circle the animal for a few more seconds, trying to figure out how they turned the creature to stone.

This strange encounter has attracted the attention of many people Members of the Skyrim community on Reddit. With over 12,000 upvotes in just a few days, many loved the shock reaction from players. “I love that we can see WHAT a moment in the way your camera moves,” one person commented. According to jackrabbitdragon, they tried to reproduce the strange event again with another cow, but failed. No wonder many in the comments started puns about the cow turning to stone. “Looks like you took that cow to make granite,” quipped one gamer. Not to be outdone, another fan responded by saying: “Stone pun man.”

It’s exciting to see fans continue to make fascinating discoveries in Skyrim. Besides this cow that was turned to stone, another player nearby cooperate with a giant to knock down the enemy. As players continue to explore the open world, it will be interesting to see other encounters captured on video in the coming months.

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