Strange Pokémon fans combine Quagsire with swamp from Family Guy

A fan artist creates an unusual piece of art showing an iguana-like Pokemon Quagsire crossed with a Swamp from Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy.

Pokemon Quagsire and Family Guy's Swamp

Some franchises seem like a perfect fit for a crossover, while others probably shouldn’t touch each other with a 10-foot pole. The world is generally child-friendly Pokemon and the world of Fox animated sitcom Family boy probably fall into the latter category.

However, there is no such limit to fan art, especially when the artist can play on words with pictures. This includes an unusual work of art that presents a cross between Family boy the character Glen swamp and Pokemon‘S Quagsire.


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Quagsire is a 2nd generation Water/Ground-type Pokemon introduced in Gold Pokemon and Silver Pokemon in 1999. It evolved from the tadpole-like Wooper and looks like a stout green iguana. Its English name is, of course, a pun on the word swamp, which refers to a marshy area, although fans disagree on what, if anything, the “sire” part of its name. mention. Despite that, it’s not surprising that someone connected a Pokemon to Family Guy’s Slough.

Reddit user The_God_of_Atheists drew the picture and shared it on the Pokemon subreddit. Described by the artist as a “crime against humanity”, the painting resembles a typical Quagsire other than his face. Family Guy’s Slough. Given the Swamp’s characterization of the show, the artwork raises some uncomfortable questions about how such a creature can exist.

Fans on the subreddit were quite amused when one suggested using it as the subreddit’s symbol for April Fools’ Day. Top rated comment is referenced Family Guy’s periodically “Who else but the Swamp”, with others expanding on the joke in the thread below. A few others took turns giving moves to the Quagmire Quagsire, such as the “Giggity Giggity Pound.” One person said that they plan to name the next Quagsire Glenn, along with several others Pokemon Fans commented that they had thought of the same joke before.

The interesting way, Gold Pokemon and Silver Pokemon was released in North America about ten months later Seth MacFarlane’s Family boy premiered on Fox in late January 1991. This is most likely a coincidence, but it is not unthinkable that someone on the American localization team decided to sneak the reference. into the game. That prospect may be a bit far-fetched, but it’s not one that Pokemon fans haven’t done before.

Whether one thinks the Quagmire Quagsire is hilarious or repulsive, most can at least agree that it’s a well-drawn image. Checking out The_God_of_Atheists’ man page shows some Other fan art, Include Battlestar Galactica webcomic. However, people with big chin Pokemon Quagsire is definitely one of those unusual fan works.

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