Strange GTA 5 bug shows mechanic getting hit by car

grand theft auto 5 is known not only for its sprawling free-to-roam world and top-notch gameplay, but also for featuring some of the most hilarious glitches in the gaming world. A Reddit user named ppguccicrocs recently posted a video of a grand theft auto 5 Panne that is as pathologically funny as it is strange. The breakdown turns a regular stop in the workshop into a disaster.

The video in question is short and first shows an everyday activity of a player driving his sports car into a garage, in this case Los Santos Customs. On the way there everything seems to be going well until the camera perspective changes and the car slides sideways into the garage at high speed, hitting the mechanic on the way. The car quickly comes to a standstill, almost as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.


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The bug is strange as players usually only see the animation of the car slowly rolling into the building. The vehicle is no longer under the player’s control after entering a workshop, or what some still refer to as pay ‘n’ spray – a slight adjustment to the vehicle model can be noticed before the viewpoint change. In this case, however, the Pegassi Tempesta drifts in and slams the mechanic on the way to its designated spot. While GTA5 Glitches often kill players, this one targets the innocent mechanic.

Even the mechanic’s ragdoll physics seem to be missing, the character model just disappears. If anything, this is a clear indication that something like this should never happen. A quick look at the video doesn’t provide much explanation as to why this would happen – the driveway appears perfectly normal and there are no vehicles nearby, which can be seen in the third-person view of the car entering the garage . Luckily the game has tons of players after all grand theft auto 5 is one of the best-selling games of all time, and the detectives quickly figured out the problem. On the minimap, it appears as if a vehicle is approaching the player’s position from the edge at very high speed.

It appears that this perfectly timed crash resulted in the Tempesta gaining more forward motion and a slight drift that seemingly kills the flannel shirt-wearing unnamed mechanic. There is no confirmation as to whether the character was killed or erased from the game in some way, and whether this impacted the Repair Shop’s ability to function. It is perhaps worth noting that the mechanic can be killed GTA5 when the garage door is open. For example, a player can drive over the person in the garage or shoot them. However, this was definitely not the way Grand Theft Auto Developer Rockstar intended the character to perish.

grand theft auto 5 is now available for PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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