Steve Bannon’s Daughter Launches Hashtag ‘I Stand with Steve’ Viral to Support Dad

As a red wave emerges, preparing Democrats to run for their money between the 2022 term and the 2024 presidential election, Democrats are desperate – pulling the strings to remove relinquish rights.

In the latest example, Steve Bannon, a Republican political strategist and White House adviser under former President Donald Trump, has indicted on two crimes of contempt for the National Assembly.

The charges stem from his refusal to hand over documents and appear before the Selection Committee to investigate the events and lead to, January 6.

United States Attorney for the District of Columbia Matthew Graves issued a declare on the indictment on Friday.

“As detailed in the indictment, on September 23, 2021, the Selection Committee issued a subpoena against Mr. The subpoena requires him to appear and present documents to the Selection Committee, and appear for removal before the Selection Committee,” the statement read.


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“According to the indictment, Mr. Bannon refused to appear to testify as required by the subpoena and refused to produce documents in compliance with the subpoena.”

However, Bannon’s indictment cast a spark in the form of a public endorsement.

In a Friday tweet that went viral, Steve’s daughter, Maureen Bannon, posted an image with the hashtag #IStandWithSteve.

Do you stand with Steve?

Over the weekend, hundreds of Twitter users posted in support of Steve Bannon, using hashtags to show solidarity.

Maureen Bannon pointed out “Three Generations of Bannon Fighting,” which featured her grandfather Marty Bannon, herself, and her father.

Maureen Bannon is an Army veteran who in the photo is proud of her country and her father – understandably so, as Steve Bannon had a way of “shaking things up” that many appreciate.

His widely popular conservative talk show,”Bannon’s War Room, ” Always challenge the narrative of the grassroots media.


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Somehow, the media only shames people for refusing to comply with subpoenas when it suits their political interests, proving time and time again that many publishers Popular news in America is nothing more. hound for the Democratic Party.

Earlier this year, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors refused to turn over voting equipment in a first round of summons promulgated by the Arizona State Senate, while the Senate is proceeding statewide audit of the 2020 election.

However, the media ridicule in an effort to restore the integrity of elections in the state, deeming it a “fraud” or a “so-called audit.”

However, when news broke that Bannon had refused to comply with a subpoena issued to him and was being prosecuted, the establishment’s media squabbled on the side. January 6 super party committee and quickly suggesting Trump is to blame for Bannon’s refusal to comply.

On Monday, Bannon surrendered himself to federal authorities, but he walked with his head held high as he walked into the FBI’s field office in Washington.

“I want you to focus and pay attention to the message. Remember the signal, not the noise, this is all noise, it’s the signal,” he said, according to ABC News.

“We are removing” [Joe] Biden regime. ” | Steve Bannon’s Daughter Launches Hashtag ‘I Stand with Steve’ Viral to Support Dad

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