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Players who aren’t particularly good at aiming for the head might consider avoiding Sojourn in surveillance 2. But Sojourn is one of the few heroes in all of gaming that allows for some wiggle room. Although her headshots do the damage, her rate of fire leaves some room for error.

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It’s a good choice for snipers who hate the business where windows are narrow and shooting requires perfection. Sojourn has suffered damage surveillance 2 and can rival both traditional snipers in terms of kills and assault heroes in terms of damage.


play style

With a massive clip and fast reload time, Sojourn needs to be closer to the backlines and pull the trigger all the time. She uses her firepower to knock out enemy shields on even the biggest tanks fairly quickly, so don’t try to be cute when you find a way.

She should aim for her opponents’ heads as their shields fall to build up her energy and ultimate charges. If Sojourn gets into a scramble, slide backwards and jump up to escape the fray, and keep firing from a slightly elevated position.



  • Primary Fire: Rapid-firing projectiles that generate energy on impact.
  • Alternate Fire: High impact shot that consumes stored energy.

Sojourn has her default primary fire, which deals small but instantaneous damage from any range with no bullet shedding. If that isn’t enticing enough, new players to the franchise will love the alternative fire, which is a hard-hitting bullet of the same variety that can inflict lethal damage when shot in the head.

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power slide

  • Floor slide that can resolve into a high jump.

Sojourn’s escape ability allows her to get out of a bad situation. The high jump at the end quickly puts her back into an offensive mentality, giving her a clear view of enemies’ heads from a slightly elevated position. It can also be used offensively if players are feeling that brave.

Disruptor shot

  • Fire an energy shot that slows and damages enemies inside.

Many DPS heroes need to combine with someone else to deliver clean headshots, but Sojourn’s Disruptor Shot allows her to slow down enemies on her own. This grenade-like shot should be fired into the center of enemies for maximum damage.


  • Railgun energy automatically charges up for a short time, and charged shots pierce through enemies.

Sojourn’s ultimate is dangerous for teams that don’t disperse immediately. A penetrating headshot can become penetrating headshots for multiple enemies. Auto-recharge gives the player energy even if they don’t land primary shots, so make the most of those extra sniping opportunities.


Sojourn’s biggest advantage over typical snipers is their sustained damage between sniper shots. She can’t match the strength or frequency of Hanzo’s or Widowmaker’s instant death abilities, but she can easily outperform both with her primary fire. Stay should constantly shoot something.

To keep up with the best DPS units in the game, keep a careful eye on this energy charge. Take the next available headshot once it turns orange, then return to primary fire. Alternate Fire doesn’t save, so use it every time it charges up.


Sojourn wants to have a clean field of view with minimal risk. The large shield that Reinhardt offers is just right for this need. Reinhardt can stun targets with a pin or his ultimate, allowing Sojourn to land some nice clean headshots.

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In conjunction with Sojourn, no shield can withstand more than a second or two of sustained fire. For opponents who think they can secure their way to victory, obliterate their defenses with a constant barrage. They can also handle enemies on approach from any distance.

It’s no surprise that Mercy remains one of the top support heroes. Along with Sojourn, her damage is boosted to levels that are hard to believe. Tanks start dying with charged headshots. Enemies cannot sustain continuous fire for more than one second before going down.

Sojourn has two choices when she sees the Roadhog hook go out. She can fire her disruptor shot and slow the victim down to prevent their escape. Or, when charged, get a nice and easy headshot. If you’re quick on the trigger, do both.

When Baptiste stacks his ultimate with Sojourn’s ultimate, the combo is unreal. The damage buff shreds anything in front. Regular shots can be downright deadly. With a charged railgun blast, this can kill a tank (as well as any targets behind the tank).

Benefits & Counters

Air units like Pharah and Echo are easy targets for Sojourn, who can clear the skies just as well as any other hero in the game. Shielded tanks are already fighting Sojourn, unshielded tanks like Junker Queen and Roadhog are fodders that give Sojourn free attacks and easy headshots. All other heroes that have low mobility are also in trouble.

Any heroes who can escape or dodge Soujourn’s slow will cause problems for her. Those who have previously unlocked heroes can use Genji, Lucio, Tracer, and other invaders to urge Sojourn to flee. Even then, once she lands, they will regain control. Brigitte’s shield helps with tanking and may offer more shields than Sokurn can handle. Eventually, Zarya will take advantage of Sojourn’s constant damage with her shields, forcing Sojourn to accidentally deal more damage to her.

surveillance 2 is now available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. Stay Guide (tips, skills and more)


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