State Senator Introduces ‘Kyle Law’ To Keep What The Government Did So Rittenhouse Doesn’t Happen Again

An Oklahoma legislator has filed a law holding the state accountable for “malicious prosecution” if any radical prosecutor trying to charge a person with murder is found to have committed murder. defensive behavior.

He named the law, quite appropriately, “Kyle’s Law” after the teen Kyle Rittenhouse, who was found not guilty last week of all charges related to a riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last summer when he was forced to defend his life and shot three people, causing two people were killed.

Thankfully, while the jury acquitted Rittenhouse, many people noted that he should never be charged at the outset and it seems to be more about politics than justice.

This is why the Oklahoma State Senator. Nathan Dahm, a Republican representing Broken Arrow, wants to make sure his voters never find themselves facing charges of acting in the… Self defence.

“Kyle Rittenhouse should never have been charged. Early video evidence suggests it was a legitimate act of self-defence,” said Dahm, according to one New information posted from the Oklahoma Senate. “We have a duty to protect the interests of those we represent, and the right to self-defense is paramount. This bill will ensure that what happened to Kyle Rittenhouse cannot happen to the people of Oklahoma.”


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Senate Bill 1120, or Kyle’s Law, was introduced Tuesday to “ensure Oklahomans who exercise their right to self-defense do not have to go to court for political reasons,” the statement said.

“If this measure becomes law, victims of malicious prosecution will be able to be compensated for the costs and damages,” it said.

Under Kyle’s Law, if a defendant charged with murder is found to have committed a reasonable, justifiable murder, the state will be required to reimburse the accused accused of “malicious” all reasonable costs, such as lost wages, legal fees, and any other costs they incur as part of their defense.

The law makes it clear that this is for defendants who feel they have been wrongly prosecuted and that any improper motives by prosecutors must be clearly established.

Do you agree with this law?

To be eligible for this compensation, a claimant must certify “that a prosecution has been filed or instigated by a prosecutor and without good cause; that the prosecution was lawful and was eventually terminated in favor of the claimant; and as a result of criminal prosecution, the claimant is injured. “

“Maliciousness can be established if the motive for prosecution is something other than a desire to bring an offender to justice, or that someone is malicious or vindictive, or willfully acted in a way that is not intended. or oppressive and consciously disregarding the rights of the plaintiff,” the bulletin explained. “By law, a prosecutor can be personally liable to a plaintiff if malicious prosecution is established.”

If this measure were filed in Wisconsin, we can certainly imagine that Prosecutors Rittenhouse’s accuser would be a little worried.

As Dahn noted, it was clear from the outset that Rittenhouse acted in self-defense as he shot at Joseph Rosenbaum, Anthony Huber and Gaige Grosskreutz.

Rittenhouse, like the others who came Kenosha that night to give first aid and protect personal property, arm themselves with weapons in self-defense, as millions of Americans choose to do every day to make sure that, if forced to, they will be able to defend themselves by lethal force.


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The shooting happened during a protest that was part of one of the left and was caused by the establishment’s media, Black lives are worth it too move; CNN literally characteristic of riots is “fiery but mostly peaceful.”

It’s also a convenient reason that the mounting of a gun helmet is no doubt that “nobody needs an assault rifle”, often cited by those who a) think that “assault rifles” are an actual gun and b) wants to ban all scary, black guns.

In other words, it was a shooting that was quickly politicized with complete disregard for the truth. So a young man has not only lost a year of his life that he will never get back, including three months in prison, but his emerging notoriety among angry members and society’s most hated will probably follow him for the rest of his life.

Every American citizen has the right to protect his or her life, and every American has the right to a fair trial. Lady Justice is depicted as blind for a reason. Politics and public opinion should never be allowed to enter a fair court of law.

So much less should prosecutors be allowed to take advantage of the criminal justice system to ruin a person’s life for a political purpose. State Senator Introduces ‘Kyle Law’ To Keep What The Government Did So Rittenhouse Doesn’t Happen Again

Huynh Nguyen

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