Starting an Amazon Business Online: What Are the First Steps?

If you’ve ever wanted to start your own online business, now is a perfect time. More and more people are staying home, not wanting to risk going out to the store. Before starting an online business, it is important to consider all of the factors that will go into your business, especially time and money. Keep reading to discover the first steps necessary to start a new Amazon business.

Create Unique Products

If you are selling stuff online, maybe there is already a product that you plan to sell or create. If not, try thinking outside the box for something unique. Often, items that people don’t want to go into a shop to buy are great online sale items. Also, consider grouping items together to make them unique. Do some research on Amazon and look for items that have a high search volume. Also, check to see which type of items have healthy sales all year round, and not just during the holidays. It is important to consider how much competition is selling the items as well. 

Understand the Amazon Platform

Before beginning to sell, it is important to know where everything is on Amazon. Understand how to list products effectively, be able to work in the Amazon SEO, and know how to use Amazon Deals & Vouchers to advertise products. While it may be simply starting a business with one product, knowing what is possible and where the business could go will help it grow. You might decide that you want to open a storefront and offer more items. Knowing ahead of time what is possible and how to make it happen is key to business growth.

 Set Up an Amazon Seller Account

There are two options when creating an Amazon Seller Account. Individual accounts will cost $0.99 for every item that is sold. A professional account costs $39.99 per month, and there is no additional fee for each item sold. So, if more than 40 items are sold each month, this is the way to go. As advises – you can also buy an Amazon seller account for a great price and skip the hassle of confirming everything yourself. Also, it gives you an opportunity to sell on 2, 3 or even more accounts at the same time.

Make it Prime

By joining Fulfillment by Amazon, you are gaining access to a powerful business tool. Fulfillment by Amazon provides free shipping to your customers on eligible orders. Customers love to see the free prime shipping symbol next to an item on Amazon. For the seller, FBA packages, ships, and handles all of the customer service details associated with the sale. This allows the seller to spend time focusing on the fun part: marketing, designing and producing.

Marketing Your Products

Amazon makes it easy to market items. In the Seller Central platform, sellers can choose Sponsored Ads as an option for their products. This marketing tool, for a fee, allows the seller’s item to show up as an advertised special at the top of the search page. This can be helpful when starting. For example, if someone is searching for a cake decorating kit, a new seller’s item may end up on page three of the search. However, with a paid sponsored ad, it will appear at the top of the first search page. 

Whether you are new to business in general or just new to Amazon, there is a lot to learn. Figuring out the basics beforehand will get you moving in the right direction for any product that you may decide to sell. 

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