Starfield should take notes from No Man’s Sky for spaceships

There are so many interesting things around Starfield right now, and for good reason. Bethesda may have worked on its fair share of sci-fi games, but it hasn’t been involved in space exploration for a long time. Starfield will give fans the opportunity to experience outer space through the eyes of Bethesda. Of course, to do so, Starfield the player will need access to the spaceship, which could potentially push Bethesda out of its comfort zone. The Elder Scrolls and Fall out does not particularly emphasize the means, but Starfield, The important thing is that players can grab and drive the vehicle of their choice to navigate the world.


Thankfully, there are plenty of other sci-fi games that Bethesda could use as inspiration. Perhaps one of the best is No Man’s Sky, The default space survival game was in trouble but has now been redeemed from Hello Games. In No Man’s Sky, Instructions regarding repair of the player’s airship start, but soon after, the player can start hunting for a new ship at any time they have free time. Starfield can learn many things from No Man’s Skyextensive list of collectible ships of with internal customization, as well as lack of external communication. By borrowing a few ideas from Hello Games, Bethesda was able to create an amazing spaceship system.

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The strength of the No Man’s Sky spaceship


The sheer variety of star ships in No Man’s Sky should be a core part of Starfieldof the system. No Man’s Sky Players can obtain starships of a variety of archetypes, including the high-damage Fighter, the Assassin with its huge inventory, and the Massive Cargo Ship that can act as a base fly. Each of these No Man’s Sky prototype also spawn with a letter grade class, usually somewhere between S, A, B and C. Between the archetypes that determine the ship’s capabilities and the types that determine the ship’s power, No Man’s Sky Ships come in all shapes and sizes. Starfield could use a similarly diverse ship portfolio, encouraging players to search for the right ship to support their playstyle.

No Man’s Sky Ships can also be modified to a fairly large extent. Players can install new technology and upgrade modules into their ships to give bonuses to the ship’s innate stats or give it new forms of attack. This way, No Man’s Sky Players have a lot of freedom to customize the mechanical functions of their ship, either to specialize a ship for a specific use or to compensate for the ship’s weaknesses. It would be great if Have you seen it? Starfield introduce a similar custom menu in its ships. As a role-playing game, Starfield will almost certainly allow the player to learn some technical skills, and there is no better use for those skills than upgrading their own spaceship.

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Self-expression in Starfield

Starfield concept art of a spaceship on a barren rocky planet

StarfieldShip’s can pass No Man’s Sky in a department. For several years, No Man’s Sky fans had little means to customize the look of their starship other than to hope that they would find something to their liking. Starfield could easily introduce trim systems, allowing fans to repaint their ships, attach various exterior cosmetics to the ship, etc. Bethesda could be enthusiastic about Starfield.’s unique “NASA-punk” aesthetic, but it can still give players customization options while staying close to the distinct look and feel of the new IP.

Overall, No Man’s Sky set up a stick for space travel Starfield would be wise to achieve. No Man’s Sky getting around is quick and easy, while both getting and upgrading ships work well as long-term goals for the player. If Starfield can follow some of these principles and expand upon them, the spacecraft itself can be just as interesting. It’s not hard to imagine special ship upgrades that can only be found on certain planets or individual Starfield Cities like New Atlantis. Other reasons Starfield players must be as excited about their car as possible.

Starfield released on November 11, 2022 for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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main player character in ship
What will happen from Starfield in 2022

Bethesda’s space RPG Starfield is releasing this November, but until it hits fans there’s already plenty of news, revelations, and trailers to look forward to.

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