Starfield needs a lot of hidden details like Skyrim

Although a lot of other interesting games will be released before that time, Starfield remains one of the big ticketing items for 2022. It’s not every day that Bethesda releases a new game or a brand new IP, so Starfield is a big deal. If Bethesda’s new spacefaring sci-fi game impresses fans, it could look outward into a new core franchise the studio can lean on. The Elder Scrolls and Fall out. Of course, in order to do so, it must conform to the standards set by its predecessors Skyrim set up for it, it’s no easy task.


Skyrim definitely one of the most important works for comparison Starfield simply because of its longevity. Ten years after its release, fans of The Elder Scrolls still spending tons of hours on the game; Moreover, they constantly find new details that somehow went unnoticed, even after that period of time. Bethesda would like Starfield live as long as Skyrim, and to keep fans playing the same way as its predecessor, Starfield it would be wise to borrow some Skyrimtricks of. Every secret and hidden detail Starfield managing to get in will make the game memorable and worth coming back to.

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Uncover the secrets of Skyrim and Starfield

A Guide to the Headless Rider Skyrim

A major part of SkyrimThe appeal of simply being able to constantly explore things while wandering the landscape of the game. Throughout the game’s existence, players have had the opportunity to uncover all sorts of little secrets and rare events that make it feel like a truly cohesive role-playing world, whether it’s getting get a secret buff by reading tablet at Seven thousand steps or encounter the ghost of the Headless Horseman on his journey to Hamvir’s Rest. SkyrimIts perennial appeal has a lot to do with factors like these that require players to dedicate a lot to finding and ultimately leading to memorable experiences.

Starfield It would be wise to aim for a similar experience. It’s a great feeling to discover hidden rooms or secrets about NPCs in Skyrim, Therefore Starfield should seek to provide a similar experience by making the most of its unique setting. Starfield may not benefit from Skyrimmagic and supernatural creatures, but humanity’s journey into the stars has certainly led to a lot of strange and remarkable events that players can learn about by discovering hidden characters, locations, and objects. scattered everywhere Starfield Hell.

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Hitherto, set of Starfield provides a lot of opportunities for such things. For example, the drug-addicted city of Neon is sure to be filled with hidden alleys and basements that tell Neon’s complicated story, if the player is persistent enough to find these places. The same, similar, Starfield known to have planets that are devoid of human habitation, which means Starfield the map may have caves where evidence of forgotten alien civilizations is found, or hidden settlements where the player can actually interact Starfieldsentient aliens. The more Bethesda has this detail in the back corner of the game, the more reason fans will have to play the game for years on end in hopes of finding everything it has to offer.

So far, so good it will take Starfield players for a long time to explore the depth of the game. If Starfield With many planets making up its world map, Bethesda has plenty of room to fill with interactions and special locations. More, Starfield reported to have dialogue twice as much Skyrim, which means there are tons of potential hidden interactions and conversations for players to explore during their wanderings across the stars. Features like the vast interplanetary backdrop are selling points for Starfield, but the game will really shine if Bethesda fills it with lore-rich secrets like Skyrim.

Starfield released on November 11, 2022 for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

THAN: All of Starfield Concept Art to be released in 2021

Concept art for Starfield showing off food and water tableware
Starfield’s concept art shows how the attention to detail will serve the game well

In addition to the spacesuit and distant planets, Starfield’s concept art showcases the small details that will help create a cohesive universe.

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