Starfield modders are already preparing to fix the game’s bugs

A starfield Community Patch is organized by future starfield Modders in anticipation of the bugs notoriously ubiquitous in Bethesda games. Even though starfield Not expected before next year, the modding community is preparing in advance to quickly release a community patch that will address the key issues that may arise at launch.

starfield has been in development for over seven years, shortly after Bethesda was released failure 4 in 2015 and is evolving into a massive sci-fi RPG spanning numerous planets while offering space gameplay. Bethesda is known for its ambitious RPGs like the Stand out and The Elder Scrolls franchises, although the scale and complexity has also meant that Bethesda’s games have acquired another, less favorable reputation: they are often plagued by many bugs and glitches upon release. It’s partly due to this issue that Bethesda’s games tend to have very strong modding communities that take things into their own hands when it comes to polishing the game’s issues, tweaking gameplay, and adding new ones add features.


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That starfield Community patch will be of similar scope as bug fixing mods for Skyrim and Stand out, and will focus on fixing bugs and glitches rather than adding new content. The mod attempts to fix misplaced objects, script errors, abandoned quests, game-changing exploits, missing attributes in the game data, and typos. The organizers of the patch have explicitly stated that no new content such as new quests or items will be added, no balance changes will be made outside of very obvious bugs, or other adjustments that go against the original vision of the game. The community patch is hosted on Nexus Mods and GitHub and is free and open source.

Since starfield will reuse Bethesda’s Creation Engine, modders come from failure 4 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim should hopefully have similar methods available to make changes. Bethesda games have historically been very mod-friendly, even back to The Elder Scrolls: Arena from 1994 with dozens of mods available on Nexus Mods. In another step to strengthen the modding community, Bethesda said so starfield will support mods on both Xbox Series X/S and PC, finally bridging the content gap between console and PC gamers.

Although waiting for starfield While it’s far from over, the fact that the game is already attracting a modding community bodes well for its future success. Mods have long been an important aspect of Bethesda games, along with many other titles, bringing new life to games and extending their lifespan by years beyond the last update. Without the hard work of talented modders, far fewer people today would enjoy older titles such as The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

starfield Slated for release in 2023 on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: PCGamesN, modding wiki Starfield modders are already preparing to fix the game’s bugs


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