Starfield fans might want to buckle up for 2022

There’s no question about that Starfield is a big deal. Bethesda hasn’t created a new IP in a long time, so from this point on Starfield was announced, it was certain to turn heads. However, since no one knows when Bethesda plans to release it Starfield, and it doesn’t reveal much else about the game. That changed in 2021, as fans now know that Starfield With less than a year to go, Bethesda plans to release the space travel RPG by the end of 2022.

Since the release date for Starfield As we get closer, Bethesda’s behavior towards the game is probably about to change. The days of Todd Howard makes confusing suggestions about the sci-fi game in interviews may end. When it comes to 2022, Bethesda will surely double Starfield publicity. Although the game won’t release for about a year, since Starfield As a brand new member of the Bethesda family, the studio should do everything in its power to provide Starfield Warm welcome.


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Early 2022 Could Be Starfield Hour


StarfieldThe status of the new Bethesda IP means a lot to both fans and the studio itself. Although Bethesda Softworks is known for publishing a lot of games, like Latest Wolfenstein item and in 2022 Redfall, Bethesda Game Studios side did nothing but Fall out and The Elder Scrolls since the early 2000s. While it’s always exciting to see Bethesda try something new, it also means Bethesda has to work hard to sell Starfield franchise, establishing this young concept as a worthy companion to Bethesda’s long and influential franchises. In other words, the beginning of 2022 could mark the beginning of the main Starfield publicity.

Bethesda also just had another big project. The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim turns 10 in 2021, and so Bethesda has prepared a special anniversary edition of the game. Consider how far Bethesda has come ride on the success of Skyrim, it makes sense when it’s the focal point of Bethesda. However, by early 2022, Skyrim Anniversary Edition there will be plenty of time to settle, which means Bethesda could move on to her next game in the future: Starfield.

Starfield there are no new Bethesda games to compete with the public. The Elder Scrolls 6 in development, but many years away, and fans barely heard anything about Fallout 5. Bethesda can do Starfield the only star of the year 2022, which may begin in the early months of the year. Anyone excited about Bethesda’s next big adventure should brace themselves to hear more about the game over the next few months. After all, there’s a lot that fans still don’t know about Starfield.

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Starfield has twice as much dialogue as Skyrim

Consider how many Starfield has actually been shown by Bethesda so far, it’s not hard to imagine what types of content it will roll out to attract players. A game trailer is definitely a big-ticket item. Although it’s easy to assume that Starfield plays very much like Bethesda’s other RPGs, there may be any differences that Bethesda has hidden. In 2022, fans are sure to have more discovery trailers the core game components of Starfield, from fighting to exploring and interacting with NPCs.

There’s another type of trailer that could appear in 2022: the lore explainer. Bethesda released some explainer videos some of the main locations in Starfield, so it looks like Bethesda will be making more of these spotlight style videos in the future. After all, there’s no way a space travel adventure like Starfield built around just these three cities. The places Bethesda has shown so far are certainly just the tip of the iceberg.

Like the city trailers Bethesda has given, it’s likely some Starfield NPCs or factions will receive an explainer video in 2022. Players already know that Starfield There is a complex society at its center, but there are still a lot of details to explain. The key characters that will help or hinder the player’s character are largely unknown to fans. NPCs reveal trailers that will be especially valuable to Starfield if there were a bunch of original alien races to explain. Although the player may not receive become an alien in Starfield, there may still be some important alien NPCs that shape the game’s story.

A big year for Bethesda

full starfield

Bethesda has cut her job in 2022. Advertising Starfield this seems to be the top priority considering how many other big games it has to compete with and how many Starfield it’s not revealed yet. It wouldn’t be surprising if Bethesda waits a few months to start advertising in 2022, allowing big games like Pokemon Legend: Arceus, Forbidden Horizon to the West, and Elden Ring get out of the way first. By the spring of 2022, Starfield news is likely to start picking up momentum for the November 2022 release.

While the logical arrival of the Starfield advertising will benefit Bethesda, it will certainly benefit the fans. After years of asking basic questions and hearing no answers, a full year Starfield explainer sounds like the perfect change of speed. Starfield may remain a mystery for a few more months, but the wait for the game will hopefully be over. If Starfield is anything like Fall out or The Elder Scrolls, then it will most likely be an adventure worth waiting for.

Starfield released on November 11, 2022 for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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