Starfield can go beyond choosing the pronoun they/she/he

In a Reddit AMA that took place on Skyrim10-year anniversary, Todd Howard answered many burning questions not just about The Elder Scrolls‘the most popular part but about the many games he’s happy to lead. The entire thread is a great read for any Bethesda fan, but one answer stuck to the gay community.

A gamer asked if character customization in Starfield will be more complicated than any Skyrim, and Howard replied that he was “really excited” about what the development team had accomplished in this area. Specifically, he also notes that players will be able to choose their pronouns between “them,” “she,” and “he,” and that all relevant dialogue will support any selection. which of the player. While this is certainly progress, there are many smaller changes in the same blood vessels that take this inclusion a step further.


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Non-binary pronouns and gender softness in character customization

Cyberpunk 2077 Preset Male Build V in Character Creation

The sad truth is that AAA gaming, like most mainstream media, is lagging behind on this front, although Bethesda’s efforts for change are certainly appreciated by the player community. There is still a lack of inclusion in what society considers “out of the norm”. So, although gay, lesbian and bisexual have been accepted to a greater extent (though not entirely, unfortunately) and are often given romantic attention in games. AAA in some other form, gender identity that has yet to be confronted as often outside of indie games, is a great space to experiment with this theme but doesn’t promote it to the gaming community.

If anything, it is often misinterpreted. Graph A is Let me know why, a game similar to DONTNOD’s Strange La river life series, which also covers many LGBTQIA+ issues and lifestyles. It accurately portrays a transgender man without making it all of Tyler’s personality and paints it in a positive light. Later, The Last of Us Part 2 has faced controversy because of his death name and general violence against teenage transgender character Lev. Final, Cyberpunk 2077 Actively marketing yourself includes options not to choose male or female genitalia. While this is true, the problem stems from its two voice selection options; if the player chooses a female voice, V will be called a female throughout the game, and if they choose a male voice, called a male. For non-twins and transgenders, making assumptions based on tone of voice often leads to false discrimination.

However, Starfield supposedly will include options to allow others to refer to the character with the pronoun they/lastname, which could mean recording additional dialogue for the NPC and possibly even for the main character. Similarly, some small actions can also be taken to include other non-gender-balanced identities.

More what will include more

Starfield Fan in Modding

Forewarning The Decision of Bethesda to include last name/their pronouns, have more pronouns, or lack pronouns, used by people regardless of gender or who may have a higher identity with gentle gender. A common example is the use of the pronouns Ze/Hir and Ze/Zir, which are used to not assume a person’s gender based on attributes or attire. “Ze” can refer to a person who is male, female, non-binary, gender, or anything else, but the meaning is ambiguous.

Although the use of no pronouns has become an internet joke in recent months, i.e. “don’t refer to me”, it’s actually a legitimate identity. A prominent example is the singer of Queen Bee, who has performed opening themes for many anime series including Tokyo Ghouls and Dororo, Avu-chan. When referring to Avu-chan, people should not even use the pronoun they/surname, but rather refer to Avu-chan by name or gender-neutral nouns such as “singer” or “artist”. performances”.

It gets complicated thinking about all the different pronouns and when they should or shouldn’t be used. However, there are ways in which the game industry and Starfield can make strides to include Ze/Zir and Ze/Hir as well as without any pronouns purely for people like Avu-chan.

The solution is here for Bethesda and Starfield as well as its other upcoming titles like The Elder Scrolls 6 can really be that simple: record additional dialogue to include other options like referring to characters without gender pronouns and only by their name, as well as less common pronouns like Ze / Zir and Ze / Hir based on the selected options. And with AI voice modeling and more sophisticated dubbing technology than ever before, simulating additional words without having to spend extra time in the studio can make this even more possible. Indeed, there are options available even now; It’s up to the studios to want to make that leap on the side of a minority, and doing so by such a large developer would set a resounding precedent for the rest of the industry. .

Starfield released November 11, 2022 for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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