Stardew Valley: Who is Mona?

Although the map may not be large in size, the games with a large amount of lore and content such as Stardew Valley There are tidbits and side plots hidden in every nook and cranny. There are many stories to be found behind the NPCs of Pelican Town, and one of the most popular is the ongoing romantic relationship between Marnie and Mayor Lewis. Likewise, another popular Stardew Valley theory says that Abigail is most likely the daughter of a Sorcerer than Pierre.


Speaking of Abigail, some Stardew Valley The player may notice that she enjoys spending time at the graveyard. During her sixth heart event, she can be seen sitting next to a tombstone that reads “Our beloved Mona”, prompting some players to ask who this person is and why no one mention her, even in passing.

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Who is Mona in Stardew Valley?

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Because Abigail spends part of her schedule aside from her sixth heart event standing by Mona’s tombstone, it’s safe to assume that Mona is someone important to her. Abigail, such as her late grandmother. However, it is possible that Mona is not related to Abigail at all, but perhaps she is close to this person in a way that is not family.

While believing Mona to be Abigail’s mysterious relative, some also think that Mona could be Jas’ mother. After all, she lives with Marnie, her aunt, and Shane, her godfather, while both of her parents had previously died of unknown causes. There are some other deceased characters that can make other gravestones and rule out other possibilities, such as Clara, Alexlate mother’s.

Identity of M. Jasper

Use the pickaxe in the mines.

M. Jasper seems to be a writer in Stardew Valley Those who have contributed to The Lost Books are collected for Gunther’s Museum. In addition to passages in the book like The Mystery of the Dwarves, M. Jasper wrote a book called Leprechaun, details their origin, attributes and other characteristics such as temperament and diet. In another passage, M. Jasper notes that after level 50 of the mines, the drop rate of diamonds increases.

It’s rather odd that none of these appear in the game. At least, not players know about. Some players believe that M. Jasper could be Marlon, who lives in the Adventurer’s Guild with Gil. Since Marlon is a skilled adventurer and monster slayer, it makes sense that he is superior to anyone else in the series. Stardew Valley will have extensive knowledge of species such as elves. Given that, he might even write a book on this knowledge to educate and keep the townsfolk safe. On the other hand, some believe that Mona could be M. Jasper, but there is no information to support this theory for a slightly more significant sign that M. Jasper could be Marlon.

However, some players who have said that M. Jasper hasn’t written in a while and died a while ago would explain this. If Mona was M. Jasper, there was also a reason that Abigail would see her as a role model, having fought against the monsters in the mines. But another important note comes from Ginger Islandmagazine scraps. In the fifth entry, the writer mentions M. Jasper as male, so it’s more likely that Marlon is M. Jasper than Mona.

At the end of the day, unlike the Stardew Valley theory, this mysterious identity doesn’t have anything close to conclusive evidence. Unfortunately, all that fans have to say is theory, but chances are that Mona is simply Abigail’s relative rather than another interesting secret about Abigail. Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley Now out for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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