Stardew Valley Friendship Guide: Evelyn

Making friends is fun! It is also an important life skill. in the Stardew Valley, as in real life, making friends is crucial to success. The player can win a ton by befriending the right characters. If the player can find and befriend the right characters, they will find that these characters can give or grant them access to some surprisingly helpful perks.

Evelyn is one of the first characters a Stardew Valley Player encounter when he enters Pelican Town. She is a friendly old lady who has lived there all her life. She cannot get romantic as she is already married to George. However, as the game progresses, she is a great friend. Evelyn can usually be found in her house between the trailer and the saloon. Players will soon find that Evelyn is always hopeful and optimistic. She loves gardening, baking cookies and reminiscing their city’s past. Here is a guide on how to befriend this lovely lady.


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Gift Guide

giving is the most reliable way to earn friendship points in Stardew Valley. It takes about 30 loved gifts (closer to 27 if one is made on their birthday) to take a villager from 0 to 10 hearts. Evelyn’s birthday is very late in the year, on the 20th of winter.

The player can Give Evelyn up to two gifts a week (plus one on her birthday). Evelyn can usually be found in her apartment in the kitchen, on the 2nd and 23rd of each season at the clinic, or at the community center from 12:10pm to 4:30pm on Mondays and Thursdays (after repairs) and Saturdays.

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Beloved gifts

From the gifts listed below Tulips and beets are by far the best and easiest options. Her seeds are incredibly cheap at 20g and she only takes 6 days to grow in spring (for tulips) or autumn (for beets). Tulips are a bit more recommended as they are immediately available in the first season and do not require access to Calico Desert. Simply plant more than 30 of either plant, store them and feed them to Evelyn two days a week until stocks are exhausted. That should easily earn the 10th Friendship Heart. The other options aren’t as viable due to high cost or rarity, but are still worth knowing:

  • turnip
  • chocolate cake
  • diamond
  • fairy rose
  • filling
  • tulip
  • All universal loves

Fallen Gifts

Evelyn’s favorite gift, the daffodil, is falsifiable in spring. This one really doesn’t stand out just because they’re so easy to acquire and effective. However, it makes a good backup gift if there are a few lying around on the farm in a time of year other than spring.

Evelyn also likes:

  • All types of milk
  • All universal likes except to the:
    • Fried eel
    • garlic
    • Maki Roll
    • sashimi
    • Spicy Eel
    • trout soup

Unloved and hated gifts

Of course it is important to know what Gifts should be avoided while trying to befriend a villager. This list contains all of Evelyn’s dislikes and hates that players should never give her:

  • Dislike:
    • All Universal Dislikes except Fish and Clay
    • quartz
    • Wild horseradish
  • To hate:
    • All fish
    • All universal hates
    • shell
    • volume
    • coral
    • Fried eel
    • garlic
    • holly
    • Maki Roll
    • salmonberry
    • sashimi
    • spice berry
    • Spicy Eel
    • trout soup


Quests are set goals within the game offer rewards upon completion. All Stardew Valley Quests are kept in the quest journal. The player can find the journal by clicking on the exclamation mark icon just below the date/time display on the top right of the screen.

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Evelyn only has one quest in Stardew Valleyand it’s random a non-randomized one:

  • Grandma’s gift: On the 15th of Spring in Year 2 of the game, Evelyn sends a letter in the mail requesting Leeks. This is an extremely easy task to complete as leeks are basic spring fakes and it is easy to find many of them. The reward is 1 friendship heart and 500g.

friendship benefits

There is a good reason why the player should cultivate a friendship with Evelyn. If Evelyn’s friendship level is anywhere higher than 0, She has the opportunity to mail the following items to the player every day. The probability that she will send something increases with a higher friendship level.

  • bread: This dish gives 50 Energy and 22 Health when consumed.
  • chocolate cake: This dish gives 150 Energy and 56 Health when consumed.
  • cookie: This dish gives 90 Energy and 40 Health when consumed.

At the beginning of the game, these items are actually extremely valuable. The player is much more limited by energy than anything else in the game at this point, so getting everything that gives energy for free is as good as it gets.

At 4+ Friendship Hearts, if the player enters Evelyn’s house while she is there, they will witness a Heart Event where she bakes cookies and gives the player her recipe. This is the only way to get the cookie recipe. The choice of “It’s delicious!” possibility If she asks what the player thinks of her cookies, 100 free friendship points will be awarded.

Finally, when the player earns 7+ hearts with Evelyn, she will mail the rice pudding recipe. That’s the only way to get this recipe. Rice Pudding gives 115 Energy and 51 Health when eaten.

Stardew Valley is available for Android, iOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and 5 as well as Xbox One and Series X|S.

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