Stardew Valley Expanded: Important new areas

Stardew Valley expanded is an impressive mod. It updates the base game and introduces new areas and characters. It’s an amazing mod for Stardew Valley Players to bite into, especially when it comes to new locations. There are farms, community gardens, houses and hidden forests to explore. It is an exciting mod for players who have exhausted that Stardew Valley base game.

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Some areas, like Castle Village, are mentioned by villagers but cannot be visited by the player. This could change in the future, but for now here are some of the most exciting new areas for players to visit Stardew Valley expanded.


10 Blue Moon Vineyard

Located between the forest and the beach, Blue Moon Vineyard is owned by Sophia. Players can find items to search for here, and new items will appear every morning. Players can find different items in each season:

  • Spring:
    Wild horseradish, leek, mushroom, dandelion, narcissus

  • Summer:
    Spice Berry, Grape, Common Mushroom, Red Mushroom, Sweet Pea

  • Autumn:
    Wild plum, morel, blackberry, hazelnut, chanterelle, common mushroom, red mushroom, purple mushroom

  • Winter:
    Holly, Crocus, Crystal Fruit

Players can find Sophia in the building behind the fields. By clicking on the catalog in either room, players can purchase items including Blue Moon Wine, Aged Blue Moon Wine, and (helpfully) Quality Sprinklers.

9 Jenkins residence

Olivia and Victor Jenkins’ home is notable for its size. It’s a huge house with a library, a basement and several other rooms. Players can find it east of Pierre’s General Store.

Unlockable dialogue (revealed when Penny’s “adult event” is activated again) reveals that someone else lived in the house before Olivia and Victor, but had to move out due to a police investigation. Fascinating…

8th Aurora Vineyard

Aurora Vineyard is an abandoned vineyard that can be found in Forest West (the northwestern part). It is enormously overgrown both inside and out, but there is evidence that someone has recently visited it.

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It’s a good place to go if players want to learn more about the characters by piecing together events using items they find around the house. You can also find an antique doll here, which is fascinating (and a little spooky).

7 Enchanted Grove

Enchanted Grove is not accessible until some late game quests have started. It’s north of the farm, near the Backwoods Path. Unlocking the Enchanted Grove involves several steps:

  • Meet Alesia at the Adventurers’ Guild

  • Find the Galaxy Sword in the desert

  • Complete Clint’s quest to remove the boulder near the summit

  • Reach the top of the caldera on Ginger Island

  • Complete three quests set by Magnus

Dewdrop Berries spawn here on the 1st and 14th of each Season.

6 Fairhaven farm

Home to the Joja-supportive lone wolf Andy, Fairhaven Farm is located in Cindersnap Forest (about halfway up). It’s a battered farm with some wilting crops, but there are some goods to find here including:

  • Spring:
    Potatoes, strawberries, green beans

  • Summer:
    Corn, tomatoes, hops

  • Autumn:
    Corn, Eggplant, Grapes

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Andy’s house can be upgraded if the player either repairs the community center or fully supports JojaMart’s town improvements.

5 Junimo Woods

Hidden away in the southwestern part of Cindersap Forest, the Junimo Forests can be visited after players complete the renovation of the community center. There are some rare items to find here if players can work their way to the center of the maze.

There’s tons of cool lore to find here, including Dwarven and Elven weapons. It is worth noting that players who choose JojaMart will not be able to access Junimo Woods.

The Old Community Garden is a small abandoned garden in southeast Pelican Town. In year 2 on a spring day, a cutscene shows Lewis asking the player to clear the storyline. This benefits him because it improves the city’s image, and it benefits the player because it allows him to grow his own crops. If the player refuses Lewis’ request, they can always clear the garden later if they wish.

Sprinklers work in the garden, allowing players to use it as extra space to grow crops with minimal maintenance.

3 The Crimson Wastes

So much can be said about the Galodran continent. It’s an entirely new area with its own history and exciting lore to discover. The main attraction of the Galdoran continent are the Crimson Badlands. Players can unlock the Crimson Badlands by completing the Enchanted Grove quest. This includes completing:

  • Marlon’s Galaxy Sword event

  • Meet Alesia in the Adventurer’s Guild

  • Removed the boulder at the top

  • Reached the caldera at Ginger Island Volcano

There are many items to find in the Crimson Badlands, including bone artifacts and some good loot from enemies. However, the enemies are tough, so players should prepare before entering the Badlands.

2 emerald farm

Emerald Farm is next to the railroad. Players will not be able to access it until Jojamart has cleared the debris from the landslide (during Summer Year 1). Emerald Farm is the home of Susan, an avid farmer (who is completely opposed to Jojamart). Various crops are grown here, including:

  • Spring:
    Potatoes, cauliflower, green beans, parsnips

  • Summer:
    Corn, melon, hops, radish

  • Autumn:
    Corn, pumpkin, grapes, yam

1 Optional areas

There are some optional areas in Stardew Valley expanded. These can be installed by the player if they wish, but are not included in the main game. These include:

  • grampleton farm –
    a huge farm, this is an excellent blank slate for players. However, due to the size, the creator of the mod suggests that players test if their computer can handle it before committing to it.

  • Grandpa’s farm
    – This massively expands the player’s farm and gives them more space to work. This farm needs to be installed separately and requires a few more steps to get started.

Stardew Valley is currently available on PC, macOS, PS4, Xbox One, Switch and Mobile.

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