Stardew Valley: All Weapons, Explained

Stardew Valley is a charming little farm – but it has its fighting elements. In caves like Mines, Skull Cavern, and Volcano Dungeon, dangerous monsters lurk, and players must prepare to defend themselves when they arrive. That’s where the game’s weapons come in.

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There are four different types of weapons in Stardew Valley, each has their own unique attributes. These weapons can be found in treasure chests during ongoing expeditions, or they can be purchased from the Adventurers’ Association. Each is suited to a different playing style, so players are encouraged to try each and determine which suits them best.



infinity blade

This could be the first weapon that the player will encounter in Stardew Valley. Above in the mines for the first time, Marlon of the Adventurer’s Guild will give the player a Rusty Sword for self-defense as they dig for treasure. It is also the most popular weapon in the game, with 24 different options. These weapons tend to spin fairly quickly and have good range, making them a well-balanced pick.

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All melee weapons in Stardew Valley there is a secondary attack, which can be done with a double click. Side attack of a sword put the player on the defensive, Deals damage to enemies and disables damage to players. This stance will also knock off flying enemies like bats and snakes.


crystal dagger

The disadvantage of the dagger is that it has a rather short range; Therefore, the player must get up close and personal with the monsters in order to damage them with a dagger. Instead of swinging like a sword or a stick, the attack animation of a dagger shows the weapon charging forward, targeting only the square in front of the player. Despite their limited range, however, daggers are fastest moving weapon in the game, making them a good choice for players with quick reflexes.

When using a special attack, the player will stabbed with their dagger several times in a row. This makes daggers useful when fighting monsters with high mobility, as players can deal large amounts of damage quickly.


dragontooth club

Clubs tend to move slower than most other weapons. However, they make up for this with high damage and great melee range, as well as abilities knock the enemy back quite far. They work well for players who can time their shots skillfully.

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When using a secondary attack, the player will hit the ground with a stick hard in front of him. This causes an area attack effect to occur, Deals damage within a radius around the player and deal a powerful return blow to affected enemies. Also, if the player right-clicks right after left-clicking, they’ll do some quick attacks in quick succession.


master slingshot

The slingshot is the least common weapon in Stardew Valley, only two types are available in the game. They are also the most complicated to use. While a melee weapon simply clicks a button to hit an enemy, the slingshot requires the player hold, aim and shoot. Unlike melee weapons, slingshots have no secondary attacks.

To use slingshots, the player must first reload them. The type of bullet determines the damage level of the slingshot. The player can use fruits and vegetables (although they deal very little damage), Explosive Bullets or various ores. The The bullet with the highest damage is Iridium Ore, dealing 25-101 damage with Slingshot and 50-202 with Master Slingshot.

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