Star Wars Sequel Trilogy characters deserve their own game

Latest Star Wars the trio generates a lot of conversation. While familiar faces are present and the legacy of the Skywalker family continues, the films are surprisingly divisive. The narrative choices feel conflicted and the characters introduced don’t seem to be given the chance to reach their full potential. While these aspects of Star Wars the sequel trilogy was so disappointing, they left the door open to see more.

Like being loved like Star Wars The point is, the franchise’s main films haven’t always been as effective at conveying the characters’ histories, which other media outlets have filled in. This is true of how the prequel trilogy succeeds Clone Wars The TV show and Darth Vader’s incredible history has been told through comic books. While stories like these may not be the most direct way to Star Wars to build its rule, they provide ways to add depth to the characters; something Star Wars Video games have also performed well.


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The Sequel’s Heroes’ Heroes


Create outer depth Star Wars movies can be great and shows like Mandalorian and Books by Boba Fett continued to do this. While TV shows centered around characters like Rey, Finn, Poe, and Rose may not stand out, their stories could still be better developed through video games. Way The Rise of Skywalker The ending leaves a lot of things on the table, and while some additional information has been provided since the film’s release, there’s still their future to explore and narrative themes to pull.

Finn’s story as a defected Stormtrooper is possibly the most remarkable and feels it has incredible potential in Divine Power Awakens. Audiences got to see him wield a lightsaber, and it looks like he could totally join Rey as a Jedi fighting the First Order. Although fans don’t get to see Finn training with Rey under Luke’s lead, hints that he’s sensitive to the Force of Presence run through. the Star Wars sequel trilogyThe Rise of Skywalkerthe novelty of confirming that that is the case. In hindsight, it’s a missed opportunity, but an opportunity that can turn into Star Wars video games.

Exploring Finn’s training and upbringing could establish the future of the series and what fans can expect, while giving Finn the attention he deserves. Some of this training is bound to happen to Rey, but given her budding skills, a game could also explore learning Finn from other teachers. Characters like Maz Kanata can point Finn in the right direction by introducing him to the Jedi like Grogu, who may have survived the fall of Luke’s command; or Ezra Bridger, who is part of another open story series from Star Wars.

Finn’s future as a Force sensitive isn’t the only story that should be told. Rey could benefit from more character building, and other stories like Rose’s life after the fall of the First Order would make for an interesting story. Rose quickly became the commander of the Resistance and headed its engineering department, so her skills can be discovered through sequel of Star Wars: The Squad as a way to examine the technology and pilots of the galaxy after the destruction of the New Republic.

The moments immediately after the events in the film will certainly be turbulent. Each character’s story can explore the period in different ways, providing a holistic view of the galaxy after nearly 100 years of change. Dedicated games help develop the characters fans have met in the trilogy, but so is connecting them. With the future of canon still up in the air, there’s no reason they can’t interact with each other through guest appearances or bonding arcs that learn from each other. the mistakes of Star Wars sequel trilogy.

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The Future of Star Wars

star wars eclipse jedi fall order 2

Helping these stories blossom would also be a big step forward for Star Wars, allowing it to distance itself from the Skywalker family. For many fans, it seems like these and others featured in the sequel trilogy are more deserving, but they’re still tied to previous legends. The films leave many questions unanswered, but their contributions to the new series are the most important going forward. It may be too late to say how things should be done, but there’s still time to dig deeper into events and characters through video games.

The time surrounding the Empire has been thoroughly explored and the events immediately following its fall such as Operation: Cinder are seen in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Taking a similar approach using characters fans already know from the sequel trilogy could be a great way to uncover what audiences are still not familiar with. Places like Exegol are fascinating, but the entire unknown space is now at the disposal of the series, waiting to be tapped.

Although Star Wars the game’s inability to focus on the future of the series by jumping too far forward, they can still deal with the immediate breakdown of events like the end of the First Order. With EA’s exclusive contract coming to an end, more games can join development from a range of studios, so this could bring this period to an end. It also creates space for the characters of the sequel trilogy to take on deeper stories and see how their paths have changed now that the major threats present in Star Wars The universe has been defeated.

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