Star Citizen Ship Guide: How to Select A Good Ship For Completing Different Missions

In the process of journey in Star Citizen, players will know the importance of missions in the game. They need to collect more items to maintain their life in the large universe and level up their characters or ships during travelling. Missions rewards give different kinds of materials for players. So, they need to decide the type of ships to complete various kinds of missions in Star Citizen. You can read this article to know which ship is suit for your demand. In addition, players can buy Cheap Star Citizen aUEC to get nice materials for crafting high level gear in the game.

Origin 100i

The Origin 100 series are the small versions of the Origin 300 series. In fact, many players have found that the 100 series have lots of overlap with the 300 Series according to both performance and price. So, you can just think the 100i is an extension of the 300 series line-up. 100i or 135c are nice variants for generalists, on the other hand, the 125a is good for combat focus.

What’s more, one special aspect of the 100 series is that they own the AIR system which can ensure travelling a long time without refueling. Players who want to fly around different places to accept missions will not worry about high gas prices by using this ship.

Consolidated Outland Nomad

As one of the new ships in Star Citizen, Consolidated Outland Nomad works well due to its hailing capacity. You can compare it with a cargo hauler or a pick up truck. It has an open flat bed at its back where you can place the cargo and fly around the universe. This ship can be used to complete the missions that contains a large amount of cargo. Due to its large room at it back, you can carry a large amount of items at one time.

Drake Cutlass Black

Drake Cutlass Black is a good choice for players in the game, while it may cost higher than any other ships. It gives the same versatility as the Avenger, but better than the Avenger. You have nice cargo, good combat capability, a portable bed to log out. The best feature of this ship is that you have more room at it back to carry a ground vehicle. You can do a lot of things because of the capacity of vehicle in the missions. If you want to do more missions in the game, it is a good choice to get this ship, it may cost more expenses at first, but it is worthwhile for your later missions.

MISC Freelancer

The quintessential Star Citizen MISC Freelancer is useful for traders, haulers and space truckers. If you want to get goods from the destination, earn a good amount of money while keeping some defensive firepower, this ship is good for you. Although there are several variants of this ship, you have better choose the base one or the MAX for more cargo space. Although the MIS is good for combat, your purpose is not for the powerful firepower.

MISC Prospector

If you really like mining in Star Citizen, you can choose the MISC Prospector at first. And mining is one of the best money makers in the game, so this ship will become popular among players. This ship can not only used to mining, but also carries a large amount of goods instead. This ship is essential for everyone who wants to earn money via mining. You had better own one in your inventory.

There are different kinds of ships for players to choose in Star Citizen, players can choose these ships according to your demand for missions. And you can Buy Star Citizen UEC to level up your ships timely in order to get more rewards from missions in Star Citizen.

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