Stan Lee missed the opportunity to develop Spider-Man’s closest ally

Stan Lee helped create Spider-Man and his supporting cast – but an alternate retelling suggests a character who could be a more powerful ally.

Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, John Romita Sr. and many other original Marvel creators established many of the defining aspects of Spiderman when they work Ultimate Spiderman comic. Even today, writers and artists continue to use the dynamics of the original mythology as they tell new stories about Spider-Man. However, there is a character in Lee’s original Spider-Man story who could have been developed into a much stronger ally for Peter Parker. Sometimes reimagined for comics, cartoons and movies, Captain George Stacy – father of Peter’s doomed lover Gwen Stacy – has been revealed to be one of Spider-Man’s best supporting characters in an alternate continuum that doesn’t follow Stan Lee’s original vision.

First introduced in Amazing Spider-Man #56, Captain George Stacy served as an important figure in the New York City Police Department and worked as a detective. Unlike many police officers who don’t trust Spider-Man, Stacy openly supports the wall crawler. Unbeknownst to Spider-Man, Stacy discovered the superhero’s secret identity after observing the website and seeing similar behaviors of him to her daughter’s new boyfriend Peter Parker. Although he was concerned that being with Spider-Man would put Gwen in harm’s wayStacy realizes her daughter loves Peter and is determined to protect Spider-Man’s secret.

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Peter sometimes suspects that Captain Stacy knows more than he lets on, but the two never clean up together. Their relationship ended tragically in Amazing Spider-Man #90 when Stacy saw Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus fighting on a tall building. Spidey covered Doc Ock’s mechanical arms with a special fabric that made them work erratically, and the killer accidentally smashed a chimney, sending some rubble falling toward a boy. Stacy pushed the boy away but was crushed by the debris. When Spider-Man tried to get him to safety, Stacy called him “Peter” and asked him to please take care of Gwen a few seconds before he died.

Stacy’s death weighs heavily on Peter, and his guilt only worsens when Gwen is killed by the Green Goblin in Amazing Spider-Man #121. In the following years, Stan Lee admits it sometimes feels like Marvel has it all for the Stacy family. While tragedies proved to be the defining moments in Spider-Man’s life, an alternate version of the Spider-Man story reveals things could have turned out very differently.

In Marvel Adventures Spider-Man, Writer Paul Tobin and artist Matteo Lolli created an alternate world where Captain George Stacy discovered Peter’s secret identity after Spider-Man accidentally repeated something he told Stacy. as Peter Parker. Initially, Stacy tries to take advantage of this knowledge by sending Spider-Man after being on alert for Cloak & Dagger. However, he later regrets his actions and apologizes, telling Peter that he has no right to use Spider-Man. In gratitude, Peter offers to help Stacy as a friend and the two develop a father-son relationship, even having regular lunches together where they discuss fighting crime and other issues. family topic.

This gives Peter a healthier relationship with Captain George Stacy, who becomes part of a support network that includes Peter’s mutant girlfriend Chat, The X-Men’s Werewolf, and The Blonde Ghost. At one point, after learning Peter’s Aunt May was in financial difficulty, George offered Parkers a financial reward for a “tip” Peter gave him that led to multiple arrests. In return, Spidey and his friends help Captain Stacy shut down a major crime family in New York. At Marvel Adventures Spider-Man was canceled, Stacy is still alive and remains an active supporter of Spider-Man.

Other movies and TV series, including Ultimate Spiderman movies and Spectacular Spider-Man animated show, reintroduced Captain George Stacy and explored his relationship with Spider-Man. Marvel Comics Spider-Gwen also introduces another alternate version of Captain Stacy, who has an initial antagonistic relationship with his daughter’s self-altering superhero Spider-Woman/Ghost Spider, Gwen. However, some of these descriptions show a degree of confidence between Spiderman and George Stacy from Marvel Adventures Spider-Man, hints that Stan Lee’s original version of Captain Stacy further limits how other creators can use a character who could be Spidey’s biggest ally.

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