Spider-Man PS4’s Movements Found In The House

This article contains additions to Spider-Man: No Way Home and Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Before its premiere in theaters, there were many questions surrounding Spider-Man: There’s no way home will include terms of reference and homage to other Spider-Man media. It’s clear from the trailers that some sort of crossover content will be in the movie when it comes to villains like Doc Ock, Electro, and other characters from Sony’s other Spider-Man franchises, but when Tom Holland mentioned it There is no way home take a move from Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man, fans watched closely during the screenings to see exactly what move the Netherlands was alluding to.


With how healthy Dutch sports are, it seems that everything from Marvel’s Spider-Man already on the table to potentially be included There is no way home. Fans speculate that this move could be something that happens as often in the game as throwing a manhole cover, which is also seen in the final moments of the game. Super Spider-Man 2or, give the game’s ending a fight against Otto Octavius, who is featured heavily in There is no way home‘s marketing, a move straight out of the PS4 title’s final fight scene. However, this move could actually happen during the movie’s opening.

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PS4 connection between Spider-Man: No Way Home’s Spider-Man

Now that the movie is out, keen fans have been able to capture the moment Holland was referring to, but it happened so quickly that it’s not uncommon for some Spider-Man fans to leave theaters. Still curious about the move the actor is talking about. In his fight against the Green Goblin In Happy’s apartment complex, Spider-Man knocks the villain through the ground and downstairs by jumping over goblins, across the ground, and into dams. This move comes directly from a similar scene in a PS4 game.

The opening moments of Marvel’s Spider-Man Have you seen it? Peter Parker swings over Fisk . Tower and confront the kingpin gang boss. This is part of the game’s tutorial, but it ends with a movie boss fighting against Wilson Fisk destroying his building when he and Spider-Man punch each other through walls and shattering floors. Towards the end of the battle, as seen at around 4:22 in the Boss Fight Database video above, Spider-Man performs the exact same move as seen in There is no way home kick the Kingpin through the floor like he does with the Green Goblin.

However, as more and more fans watched the movie, they began to spot other moments that could be an homage to the PS4 title with Spider-Man’s fighting style. It’s not always easy to determine what is a purposeful nod and what is just an example of both a game and a game. There is no way home uses classic examples of Spider-Man’s powers, but either way, it’s nice to see the film take an interest in introducing the game Insomniac given how popular it is.

Some fans believe (seriously this time, main There is no way home spoilers come) Aunt May’s death in the movie is also a death for Marvel’s Spider-Man based on how Peter’s parent character meets a similar fate at the end of the game, although it’s unlikely that the PS4 title could have had the power to influence or inspire the movie to make narrative choices. hey, but Aunt May’s death isn’t a story told exclusively in the game, and the game’s narrative moments surrounding it don’t have much in common with how it plays out in the movies other than the simple truth. is a dead character in both media. Furthermore, two versions of Aunt May There aren’t many concrete connections between them other than that they are the same character and share a lot of details that are shared across all versions of the character. However, her grave includes a quote from the game, so there is some evidence for this idea.

Despite that, fans are looking Marvel’s Spider-Man move may want to keep an eye out for Peter’s first encounter with Green Goblin throughout the movie.

Spider-Man: There’s no way home playing in theaters.

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