Spider-Man: No Way Home – Who Could Be The Last Of The Sinister Six?

The eyes of many Marvel fans have trained in Spider-Man: There’s no way home rickshaw as they dissect them for clues as to what will happen in the upcoming movie. As for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the film is expected to lead directly into the events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. For Sony fans Spiderman adjacent movies, the movie is also expected to connect with Upcoming Morbius characteristic, though that has yet to be officially confirmed.

What fans do know after the most recent trailer is that Spider-Man’s world is being turned upside down like a spell meant to make people forget that he’s Peter Parker. Villains from other people Spiderman the universe will collide with him. In fact, there are currently five villains of previous Sony movies that have hit the screens so far. Lizard, Sandman, Doctor Octopus, Electro and Green Goblin all appear in different spots. With only five villains on screen, fans are wondering if There is no way home could actually be the MCU debut of a version of the Sinister Six. The group has a rotating cast of comic book villains and had a standalone movie planned for the Sinister Six during Andrew Garfield’s time as Spider-Man. Could there be a sixth villain that has yet to be revealed? There are quite a few potential candidates.


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Michael Keaton as Vulture

Vulture is one of the first Spider-Man villains he has to face on his own – and one who will likely carry a grudge. (He was also a founding member of the Sinister Six in the comics.) Adrian Toomes blamed Spider-Man for his sentencing to prison, but also for spoiling his relationship with his daughter. He hasn’t been in the MCU since ending up in prison and his wife and daughter moved around the country.

The audience already knew that Michael Keaton is filming more scenes for an upcoming Marvel project, but which one is still unknown. He is also featured in the trailer for Morbius, so he’s definitely on his way. The only question is whether he can participate Spider-Man: There’s no way home. All of the villains featured in the trailer are from the other Peter Parker universes, not the MCU’s. If there is a sixth villain, there’s a reason that the last one will come from the current universe. However, Vulture is a born leader, and he can clash with the likes of Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus. While he’s a viable candidate, it’s more than likely his lingering presence will be featured for another chapter.

Mac Gargan smiles when he meets Adrian Toomes in prison in Spider Man Homecoming

Mac Gargan happens to be in the same prison as Adrian Toomes. At least, he was the last time the audience saw him. Gargan, with a tattoo of a scorpion in a nod to his comic book codename, tries to get Toomes to tell him who Spider-Man really is, but Toomes doesn’t give up on Peter.

Green Goblin might be Spider-Man’s most famous villain, but can’t calculate Scorpio. Gargan definitely wants to go back to Spider-Man, and he wouldn’t be on top of using the confusion of something like Snap to find a way out of prison, or the opening of the multiverse to take advantage of Spider-Man. -Man is overpowered by the enemy. With the audience knowing that he is tracking Spider-Man’s identity and Peter’s identity will be revealed to the public at the end of the film. Spider-Man: Far From Home, Scorpio’s Supplier is definitely a loose end in the MCU. The issue is not whether he chases Peter, but when he arrives. The movie could give him a big chance.

Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home

Sure, it looks like Mysterio is no more. Quentin Beck is presumed dead at the end of Away from home. Mysterio, however, is a master of illusion, who seems to have planned his death or disappearance with a perfectly timed video naming Peter Parker as Spider-Man. It was Mysterio who made Peter try to find a way to make people forget his identity in the first place, kicking off the events of his life. There is no way home.

Whether Mysterio fakes his death and has a bigger part to play, or can join the party as a Mysterio from another universe, he could easily become the sixth member of the party. Mysterio has enough charm and manipulative ability to make himself the de facto leader of this incarnation of the Sinister Six. Even if he’s not in the movie, his fingerprints will be on everything. Like Vulture, he is also a founding member of the Sinister Six in the comics, along with Electro, Sandman, and Doctor Octopus, all of whom appear in the film.

Kraven the Hunter crouched in Marvel comics illustration

Only founding member of the Sinister Six in 1964 Spiderman The comic that hasn’t appeared in the movie’s (or MCU’s) trailer is Kraven the Hunter. It doesn’t seem possible for him to join the group as he hasn’t appeared on screen yet, but the character is slated to receive his own movie from Sony, so that can’t be too far-fetched.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who plays Pietro Maximoff in Vengeance Squad: Age of Ultron, already role-playing. No details have been revealed about the potential film on the horizon, but Tom Holland has revealed in interviews that he suggest potential project ideas involving both Venom and Kraven in case Spider-Man is no longer in the MCU. Having Kraven appear as a villain here could easily set up the villain’s own movie.

A split image depicting Ned Leeds in the MCU and Hobgoblin battling Spider-Man in the Marvel comics

This particular villain has never appeared in the MCU or in live action before Spiderman film. Why does Hobgoblin seem like an ability? That’s Ned Leeds’ sublime identity.

So far, there’s been no indication that Peter Parker’s best friend will stray into supervillain territory. However, that will be quite a difficult thing for audiences as the villains filter into the story from other universes. Can Peter face a version of his friend who is not content with being the best friend of a masked vigilante? Or could something happen that changes the MCU for this version of Ned to take over? Either way, the addition of Ned to the Sinister Six will certainly be a surprise for audiences and could set up a potential new storyline if Spider-Man continues to appear in the MCU’s playing field.

Tom Holland as Spider-Man without a mask in Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man isn’t much of a villain, but that doesn’t mean he can’t end up siding with perceived baddies. There’s a moment in the new trailer that shows Peter getting frustrated when Doctor Strange hinted that the only way to get rid of the villains is to kill them. Of course, this moment could be taken out of context in the trailer, but it could also seed the MCU’s Peter Parker trying to stop Doctor Strange from eliminating the villains.

This plot can, as many things in the MCU do (like the Clint Barton family), taken from the Ultimate universe of Marvel comics. There, Spider-Man was blackmailed into participating in the Ultimate version of the Sinister Six, however briefly. His timing has him caught in the middle of a war between villains who want to recruit him and the heroes he respects. He didn’t want anyone to get hurt. Something very similar could happen when Peter finds himself caught between the emerging multiverse and Doctor Strange’s corrective action.

Audiences will find out when Spider-Man: There’s no way home in theaters on December 17.

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