Spider-Man: No Way Home – Every suit in the trailer

Probably the most highly anticipated MCU movie of the past few years, fans are paying close attention to every detail of the marketing for the movie. Spider-Man: There’s no way home. The trailers hid major mysteries, but one interesting detail they did reveal involved Spider-Man’s iconic suit.

While Marvel has created dozens of costumes for different heroes to wear Spider-Man’s mantle, the MCU has introduced only a handful of Spider-Man suits. Of the very few clothes that fans have seen Tom Holland wear, There is no way homeIts marketing materials have shown a few returning favorites and a vaguely appealing new arrival.


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The main suit that fans see Peter Parker is the Red and Black Upgrade Suit, introduced in Spider-Man: Far From Home. This suit was created by Peter Parker from blueprints provided by Tony Stark’s original suit, first seen in civil war. Parker created this new standard immediately before final battle with Mysterio. Since this suit came out right before the final battle of the previous film, there wasn’t much of a chance to see it in action. Its capabilities appear to be comparable to those of the earlier Stark-designed suit, but with some notable exceptions and new improvements.

Based on an encounter with Mysterio and his drone, the Upgrade Suit is resistant to ballistic, magnetic, and sonic attacks. Web shooters on this suit are built-in, eliminating the risk of them being knocked out or ripped from Parker’s control. Stark’s suit, presumably along with AI assistant Karen, was destroyed in a missile attack, meaning Parker will likely be speechless. Like his previous skin, the Upgrade Suit features a sleek built-in wingsuit that glides and a deployable parachute to reduce the risk of falling everywhere. The upgraded suit is also capable of accumulating electricity Taser Webs, Parker can now self-regulate their voltage and intensity. Since this is the final suit from the previous film, and since it appears in most of the trailer’s footage, it’s safe to assume that the Upgrade Suit will be Spidey’s default throughout. There is no way home.

Mech Spider-Man Iron Man

Originally recommended to Parker at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, fans didn’t get to see the Iron Spider Suit in action until Avengers: Infinity War. The suit was Designed by Tony Stark and functions like an adaptive armor set that can be activated at will and matched with existing Spider-Man suits. Spider-Man doesn’t get much time to use this suit, but it is at the heart of his action scenes in both Avengers movies he appeared in. The Iron Spider Suit saw a fight with Thanos and his minions, but was destroyed along with Peter after the young hero lost that fateful 50/50 bet. Spider-Man returned wearing the armor when Hulk captured Thanos’ victims, using it during the final battle. Spidey can be seen using this particular piece against Dr. Octopus in There is no way home introductory video.

Iron Spider Armor was introduced into the comics by writers J. Michael Straczynski and Ron Garney in 2006. It was originally introduced in the comics. civil war plot and was removed from Peter Parker as quickly as it arrived. Its trademark feature is the four-legged spider; The long, sharp, AI-controlled robotic limbs can react automatically to protect Spider-Man. They have the strength to break Thanos’ grip and the durability to resist being sucked into space. The suit is heavily armored, resistant to large caliber guns, physical attacks from Thanos, and laser blasts from Guardians of the Galaxy. Final, Endgame showed Iron Spider’s “Instant Kill Mode” turns the spider’s legs into a fast stabbing weapon, turning the typically death-averse Peter Parker into a killer force. The Iron Spider armor has excellent visuals and it’s exciting to see it return in the sequel.

Spider-Man-Black-and-Gold Cut

The third and final suits were performed by There is no way home The trailer is still shrouded in mystery. This Spider-Man suit with black and gold accents seems to be reminiscent of his default suit, with a change in color. The glove that wraps around Parker’s wrist is the most noticeably differentiating aspect of the design, featuring gold accents in a circuit-like pattern. Of course, it hasn’t been confirmed exactly where Parker got this suit, nor what it does, but there are several theories. One theory has been supported that the suit is simply Peter’s Upgrade Suit turned inside out, meaning the glove’s unique design could be interpreted as the inner workings of the games. his web shooter. Further obscuring the suit’s purpose is a moment in the trailer that Spidey seems to be using Brand of Doctor Strange orange magic sign. This suggests that this new suit may be something Strange devised to allow Spidey to use magic along with his abilities. Either way, the suit sure looks cool and fans are excited to see what it’s capable of.

These suits are all that has been shown so far, but the movie could certainly pack in more of Spidey’s iconic looks. Whatever Peter Parker wears, it will be fun to see Spider-Man return to the big screen, when There is no way home premieres on December 17.

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