Speedrunner beat Super Mario Odyssey in new world record time

In a recent speed run attempt for Super Mario Odyssey, a speed runner attempted to finish the game in stunning world record time.

Speedrunner beat Super Mario Odyssey in new world record time

Speedrunning is a regular occurrence in the gaming community. With so many new games on the market, along with a seemingly endless amount of classic titles, there’s always a new record to beat. Among the famous game with impressive speed To be Super Mario Odyssey.

While many Nintendo fans may have been expecting a notify Super Mario Odyssey 2, some speed players continue to find new and more efficient ways to play the original Super Mario Odyssey. Since the game was released in 2017, players have managed to complete the title in record time. While some of the first speed races took hours to finish, as players learned more about the 3D platforming, the time was reduced to less than an hour.


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Recently, a speeding car called Tyron18 was completed Super Mario Odyssey in a world record time of 57 minutes and 21 seconds. It’s worth noting that this world record was achieved in the fastest finish speed run, meaning the player only needs to finish the main story. As a result, all side objectives are optional and can go wrong for ignore different areas in Super Mario Odyssey to achieve the fastest possible completion time. With this new record time, Tyron18 has usurped Rushia1, the previous speed crown holder. As for the record, Rushia1’s previous time was 57:35, while the third fastest time now belongs to Lucidityy, at 57:56.

It’s not surprising that Tyron18 had a near-perfect run in the game to break this world record. “The first game was completely cracked on this run,” he said. As one might expect, the speed machine makes controlling Mario and Cappy look easy throughout the gameplay. Another fascinating aspect of speedrun is that Tyron18 played the game with Japanese text. The reason for this decision is that it renders on screen at a faster rate, saving precious seconds. Moreover, players have used many current glitch Super Mario Odyssey to help cut about 12 game hours to under an hour.

While this time has impressed many fans watching on Twitch and YouTube, the speed runner believes he can still do better. He explained that while his game started flawlessly, he hit a small bump in the road. “Unfortunately, we lost 30 seconds in mssl, that’s sad,” he said. After beating the world record time, he claimed that the 56-minute running speed of Super Mario Odyssey ability.

It’s always exciting to see members of the gaming community continue to discover new methods to complete games quickly. It will be interesting to see if Tyron18 manages to stay a few seconds longer and hit the 56-minute mark he believes can be achieved in the future.

Super Mario Odyssey Now available on Nintendo Switch.

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