Speed ​​Racer is the best Anime Live-Action adaptation

Today, anime fans walk into every American adaptation with little or no hope, with skepticism after countless gruesome entries. The best of the genre is still the colorful, action-packed, totally unique Wachowskis epic Speed ​​Racer. Brand Speed ​​Racer, known in Japan as Mach GoGoGo, began in 1966 as a manga by one of the most important figures in the art form, Tatsuo Yoshida. Established by Yoshida Tatsunoko Productions, Breakthrough Animation studios defined the medium from the sixties to the mid nineties. Anime adaptation of Speed ​​Racer became famous after being brought to America.


Speed ​​Racer is the story of a young man living with the dream of becoming a car racer. Competitive precision speed in increasingly dangerous races with a colorful contest to prove yourself and bring glory to your family car shop. Speed ​​races with the help of his parents and the memory of his brother, who died tragically on the track. The young racer shows amazing dexterity, controlling his powerful Mach 5 speed with a variety of tricks and gadgets.

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Speed ​​also races alongside his girlfriend Trixie, mysterious rival Racer X, and rookie ally Taejo Togokahn. Speed ​​must compete with corrupt businessman EP Arnold Royalton, who brings him fame and wealth at the expense of his integrity. Against countless brutal enemies, ever-increasing chaos, and the ever-increasing aggression of corporate domination, Speed ​​Racer must stay true to himself and find his own way down. racetrack.

speed racer and racer x

This movie comes from an unlikely source, the controversial Wachowski sisters. The Wachowskis are among the most influential filmmakers of their generation, but have also been involved in a number of features that are heavily pivoted. If there is one most common criticism of their work, it is that they value style over quality. Matrix series is widely loved, but detractors accuse it of being fake or hacky, masking shoddy text with its clever effects. Speed ​​Racer Not immune to that criticism, but like much of their work, a willing viewer will find much more under the guise of this film.

When it was first released, Speed ​​Racer failed to find, for some reason. One pretty obvious downfall is the release date; this movie hits theaters exactly seven days after the Marvel Cinematic Universe entered form of Iron Man. It’s hard to think of a worse moment than releasing an animated action movie more than a week after heralding the triumph of the biggest empire in cinematic history. Above all, Speed ​​Racer enjoy amazingly mixed reviews; some rave about the film’s visuals or atmosphere while others decry the story and its humor. Popular opinion at the time was negative, but thirteen years since its release have brought a huge cult following to this troubled project.

What Speed ​​Racer The achievement is exactly what most anime adaptations fail to achieve. The film perfectly captures the spirit of its original doc, while also selling what made the franchise so important to people all those years. Besides Speed ​​Racer, most American anime adaptations is perfunctory or scary. Robert Rodriguez’s Alita: Battle Angel is interesting but largely unnecessary, and by Adam Wingard Death Note sullies good name of its source. Speed ​​Racer justifies its own existence and does not spoil its source. It’s not just references, it’s in the themes, the way they frame the action, the dreamy visual design, and the commitment to care about the devil’s unbridled emotions.

This movie is sincere to the extent that it requires an open heart. Even comedy, which tends to fall flat, absolutely tries to make it at every opportunity. Emile Hirsch plays the theme role with the vibe of a PG taking it on Ryan Gosling in Drive. Introspective inner monologues about the spirit of the Mach-5 clash with commentary in the middle of a disaster create a compelling character. Great John Goodman as Pops, Speed’s father who is strict, encouraging, and instills true pride in his son. Roger Allam, known as Javert in the official London work of Miserables, brings an impressive level of fear to the role of Royalton. Not every actor can hold on, but even the lackluster performances are aroused by an engaging script and an immersive level of inspiration.

The great attraction of Speed ​​Racer Of course the visually stunning racing scenes. Original Speed ​​Racer systematizes the racing cartoon genre, creating a premise for dynamic outstanding games such as red line, and the 2008 film seeks to raise this level again. Cinematography somehow manages to keep the scene geography readable while constantly changing elements and while every aspect of the image is moving at breakneck speed. The film uses visual tricks that are ahead of its time, sometimes inventing the effects credited to films released years later. From using snowfall to create the series’ trademark speedlines to interpreting memories into dreamlike scenarios, this film is emotional from start to finish.

Speed ​​Racer not perfect, but also not The groundbreaking series that inspired it, but both define how anime is viewed in the West. Fans willing to open their hearts and experience a passionate journey can find Speed ​​Racer on HBO Max today.

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