Sources that you should consider for investing in Bitcoin!

Bitcoin is a digital currency growing in popularity at a very Swift rate. Instead of encountering high swings in its value, it is the number one choice of people when it comes to cryptocurrency investment at It is always a roller coaster ride for Bitcoin investors because this value keeps increasing and decreasing continuously. But we see, in the long run, the value of Bitcoin is continuously increasing, and it is one of the most valuable assets in the current world. If you are also considering investing in the decentralized version of cash, then you have different ways that you can consider buying Bitcoin. Some people are always thinking about which one is the best way that they can consider making a bitcoin investment. For example, you might like to buy Bitcoin from a traditional broker, while the other person would think that buying it from a bitcoin exchange is the right option. We list the top ways you can consider adding bitcoin to your portfolio.

Financial apps

Today there are various financial apps available that allow you to buy Bitcoins. All you should know is that the financial apps are the one that helps you in making online transactions. PayPal and Venmo are popular names in the list of financial apps, and they both accept Bitcoins. The best thing is that buying Bitcoin from the PayPal platform is extremely easy as it allows you to directly buy Bitcoin using the same app you have used for a long time.

However, you should know that it involves 0.50 fees for every transaction you make with bitcoin. You will also have to incur the spread markup on every trade, making it a preferable option because you don’t have to pay any fees for holding Bitcoins in your PayPal account. The most pleasing thing is that you will also be able to trade a dollar 1 amount of Bitcoin without difficulties. The Venmo charges are also similar to the PayPal ones because the owner of this company is also PayPal.

Bitcoin exchange

Another most popular way of buying Bitcoin is to use a crypto exchange. You will be glad to know that the Bitcoin exchange offers many advantages when buying or trading Bitcoin. The top crypto exchanges offer the lowest possible cost for buying Bitcoin and trading. If you focus on the cost objectives, you should select the crypto exchange option. Another thing that you should know about Bitcoin exchanges is that they don’t charge any spread markups so that you can save your money. Many Bitcoin exchanges also provide their users with wallets that help them safely keep their cryptocurrency. The fees of the Bitcoin exchanges can vary from one platform to another, so you have to do deep research to look for the one that provides your best services at a reasonable rate.

Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATM is also a popular way of buying Bitcoin. The Bitcoin ATMs are increasing daily because of their higher popularity. Buying Bitcoin from a Bitcoin ATM is very simple, and it’s direct as all you will need is a bitcoin wallet for making the transaction. The best thing about Bitcoin ATM is that you can buy Bitcoin by using your cash. Most people don’t have access to banking services, so investing in Bitcoin is difficult for them, but now by using Bitcoin ATM, they can buy Bitcoin through their cash. As you know, commissions of Bitcoin ATMs can be expensive, but since there are so many Bitcoin ATMs available, you can find the one charging a reasonable commission.

Trading app

You will be happy to know that now you can buy a few bitcoins without paying the direct commission while using a trading app. The Robin hood and Weibull are two well-known trading apps that allow their users to buy Bitcoin. There will be no commission when you buy Bitcoin from this platform, but this platform charges a spread markup. There is no exact cost, but you can try this method of buying Bitcoin. Not only you can invest in this digital currency from trading apps, but you can also trade it on this platform.

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