Sony’s acquisition of Bungie could be a big hit to get PlayStation Game Pass

News that Sony buying Bungie for over $3 billion came as an unexpected shock to a lot of people. While large transactions like these can sometimes be predictable, SonyThe acquisition seems to have gone as quietly as possible, even though Bungie has hosted major events over the past few months and consistently maintains an open line of communication with its community. To the surprise, many fans are still processing how they feel about Sony’s purchase of Bungie but with the developer now part of the larger Sony Interactive Entertainment umbrella, there’s a lot that can be done for more cash, and Bungie also has some cool perks to offer Sony and PlayStation in particular.


In the past, the presence of Fate 2 and all its expansions on Xbox Game Pass means subscribers get access to almost everything Fate 2 must be provided free of charge. Given how important the extension is to Fate 2, a lot of players have been able to get a pretty decent amount of money on the Xbox system if they signed up for the Xbox Game Pass. While Fate 2the extension of is part of The game has been removed from Xbox Game Pass On consoles, PC players still have access to them, and that’s a great perk for those looking to save money and get access to a wide variety of games. The Game Pass model could be great, and there have been rumors that PlayStation is considering something similar.

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Destiny 2 is part of Project Spartacus

sony spartacus

The rumored Spartacus project has a lot of potential. Some of the best games of the past few years have been first-party games from the PlayStation, and there’s a lot more it can offer. While day one release on Project Spartacus unlike something that should happen, there is the possibility of integrating a title like Fate 2 into the program. Doing so may make Fate 2 the foundation of Project Spartacus and a major attraction for the service depending on how it is implemented.

The biggest thing that needs to be considered is exactly what the Spartacus Project is rumored to want to include Fate 2. Ideally, it would give subscribers access to all previously released expansions but Fate 2The status of a live service game means there’s a lot to think about. To help Project Spartacus gain a foothold and not be shunned as a lesser version of Xbox Game Pass, it is important that Fate 2 Registered players will get daily access to all new content, even big purchases like The Witch Queen expansion.

This will be a big move that goes against some of the anticipation people have for the rumored show but it will be a solid step in the right direction. Right away, Some consider Project Spartacus to be good but not good enough when compared to Xbox Game Pass, it can be difficult to gauge its unreleased status. However, beating expectations at launch shouldn’t hurt the show, and if a PlayStation-focused game-passing service is about to roll out, it should make the most of the tools at its disposal. With the acquisition of Bungie, Sony has turned Fate 2 into a great tool for PlayStation to use.

More than Fate 2 as a sequel or an add-on to the service, it should be one of its key features at launch. Ensure users access to all playable games Fate 2 content when it’s released will be a huge move, and for cross-platform fans, it might also encourage them to, at the very least, check out Project Spartacus instead of just sticking to Xbox Game Pass if they’re Yes. From a marketing perspective, the program also has the opportunity to include some of its own perks provided that Acquiring Sony could mean a lot of growth for Fate 2.

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PlayStation-exclusive Destiny 2 content

Fate 2 proves the bases strike next week with nightfall February 1

Exclusive PlayStation content won’t be anything new to Life as there have been many previous strikes that were exclusive for a limited time, but this idea could be extended to include specific items. Fans are probably not too keen on the idea of ​​weapons or armor becoming exclusive but forced Fate 2 Project Spartacus could provide an avenue for exclusive cosmetics instead. Weapon and armor decorations in Fate 2 is a great way to personalize a player’s Guardian and give a little extra to subscribers The rumored Spartacus project even more of a draw.

This approach can also provide a solid foundation on which to develop exclusive content without alienating other players too much. It won’t limit players’ access to playable content, but it will be an incentive to adopt the service and an added bonus for anyone who signs up for the service after launch. This model will still have some disadvantages due to Fate 2 will remain cross-platform and those not on PlayStation won’t be able to get these, but since they’re not major pieces of content, the overall negative impact can be minimized.

At the same time, it also provides an excellent path for Fate 2 to consider another route. Given its inclusion under the Sony umbrella, cross-platform purchases should be considered in the future, at least for Fate 2 players move between PlayStation and PC. This can be tied to Project Spartacus and while it is not the most popular for some, others may find it extremely helpful. Crossplay is available in Fate 2 as well as cross saving but the expansions themselves are only available when they are purchased. This limits multiplayer to a particular device even if they prefer to play from console or computer at different times.

Use Project Spartacus to fill this niche gap and give users access to it all Fate 2 content on PC and PlayStation will matter to players on Sony consoles and will further add to the momentum provided by the service that transcends PlayStation games. It may bring some exclusivity to the title but won’t completely break it Bungie’s Commitment to Cross-Platform Games. When combined with other perks and benefits above Fate 2 could turn out to be a great way to ensure the early success of a PlayStation service that competes with Xbox Game Pass. In the future, this may also link to other content but starting with what Bungie was able to offer through Fate 2 Wouldn’t be a bad way for something like the rumored Project Spartacus to launch.

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