Sony and Microsoft’s PS4 and Xbox One handling shows different philosophies

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles are released in November 2020 to get lots of reviews from people who can get their hands on them. One of the few complaints surrounding the system was the lack of a true next-gen experience, a complaint that faded as new games were gradually released, hoarding each console’s game library. control. Both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S there is still demand, although there are still some problems keeping the platforms in stock.


Many next-generation gamers are still following stock trackers as they long to get their hands on the system of choice. This responds the shortage of the next generation console, along with the great demand for them, has created a difficult situation for gamers to navigate. There are still discounts on next-gen consoles going on, however, it’s not much easier for gamers to own a next-gen system now than it was a year ago. While they can enter the resale market, this will lead to inflated prices, which many people may not want to pay.

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In response to the shortage of next-gen consoles, many gamers may look to the replacement console’s previous-generation consoles to see if it’s the right one. PS4 Pro or Xbox One X for their 4K capabilitiesor to the basic Xbox One and PS4 for those less concerned with having the best graphics. Although, as has been made clear recently, gamers can have a lot of success finding even previous generation systems depending on the console of their choice. While both Sony and Microsoft occupy the same space, they are of course separate companies and their approach to the distribution of previous generation systems makes this more obvious than ever. .

Why are more and more PS4s being produced

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While Sony has considered discontinuing the PlayStation 4 by the end of 2021, it looks like the previous-gen system is now set to earn a new lease. In response to the shortage of the PlayStation 5 system, Sony is ramping up production of PlayStation 4. While this may seem illogical, it stems from a semiconductor shortage that is severely affecting the production of the PlayStation 5 system. This is sure to disappoint gamers who own PlayStation 4. but haven’t gotten their hands on a next-gen system yet, but for gamers who don’t have any, this could offer an opportunity to grab one.

Early last year, yes reports that PlayStation 5 will be redesigned in 2022 to alleviate the supply shortage, however these plans are no longer available. Until the shortage of PlayStation 5 stock is alleviated, it looks like the PlayStation 4 will be the main console for PlayStation fans who have yet to upgrade. This at least leaves gamers with a way to play video games, though not with the 4K 60fps graphics many might have hoped they would experience at this point. Fortunately, there are very few next-gen exclusives right now, so PlayStation 4 gamers will still have as many options as PlayStation 5 gamers.

Why is Xbox One discontinued?

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According to the report, not only Xbox One console production halted, but it was actually paused in late 2020 around the time the Xbox Series consoles were launched. This is part of a clear shift towards the next generation of gaming, and a step away from the previous generation despite the gains the Xbox One made at its end. The PlayStation 4 was the top choice among gamers of the previous generation, selling twice as many Xbox One units as it sold. This may be what prompted the focus on Xbox Series X | S than Xbox One.

It seems this shift towards a focus on next-gen gaming has worked for Xbox, as Xbox Series X and S much more competitive with PlayStation 5. Xbox’s budget option, the Xbox Series S, also works well, although it doesn’t offer 4K graphics or a particularly large SSD. Maybe gamers have been convinced by the system’s offerings, like Xbox Game Pass, or maybe it’s simply more readily available than the PlayStation 5. This generation, Xbox seems to have taken a big hit on the PlayStation , justifying the decision to halt Xbox One production at the end of 2020.

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What does the handling of the last generation consoles show


It’s clear that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have received very different treatment since the launch of the next-gen system, which could speak to a broader sense of the philosophies of these companies. Xbox One seems to be being left in the past in favor of verdant grasslands, while PlayStation 4 is still being based. While Next-gen exclusive for PlayStation 5 Given that the next generation of PlayStation is still getting attention, it’s not entirely Sony’s focus. This could lead to some disappointment from the perspective of fans who own a PlayStation 5 or are looking to buy one in the near future.

However, from another angle, the pause in production of the Xbox One system may cause concern for those who still own Xbox One and hope to continue using it in the future. Acceleration focus on Xbox Series X system | S It seems to have led to great sales results for those consoles, but Xbox One fans face being left behind. As Xbox is fully ready to commit the future of gaming to the Xbox line of consoles, PlayStation is pulling its heels. It is fair to say that both PlayStation and Xbox is looking forward to the next generation, but PlayStation looks set to keep that link to its past, which could slow down the transition to better and worse.

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