Sony and Marvel’s next Spider-Man trilogy should tell a proper Venom story

Audiences are already quite familiar with the Spider-Man anti-hero, Venom. The alien symbiote first appeared on screen in 2007 Spider-Man 3. However, the film was a bit messy, with critics and fans alike following the success of Spiderman and Spider-Man 2. So Sony ditched Venom for 11 years after a messy appearance in Spider-Man 3. But, the studio brought the character back with vengeance, giving him a solo movie of his own. A-list actor Tom Hardy played Eddie Brock/Venom, and the film was a success with fans, if not critics.


Fast-forward to 2021 and Venom has a second feature film: Venom: Let There Be Carnage. In a post-production scene, Sony connects Venom to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), and specifically Spider-Man. This caused an uproar, as Tom Hardy’s Venom will interact with Tom Holland’s Peter Parker at some point.

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However, one of the post-credits scenes in Spider-Man: There’s no way home stifle that possibility. In this scene, Eddie Brock is said to be dragged back into his own space, telling the audience that he is no longer connected to the MCU and Spider-Man. However, a drop of the symbiote’s liquid is left behind, suggesting that a new character from within the MCU may be able to take Venom’s mantle.

Tom Hardy Venom gets cut

Now, Marvel Studios has a real chance to tell a proper Venom story, one that is ultimately connected to Spider-Man. If Marvel wants to do it right, they should let Venom join Tom Holland’s next Spider-Man trilogy, not just one movie. That doesn’t mean Venom has to be the main villain in every movie, but it does mean he has to be the main villain in at least one of the movies, and the character should be intertwined. in all three movies.

Venom Action Shot Cropped

At the beginning of the next Spider-Man third season, someone or an entity should discover symbiotic fluid. While it’s currently in Mexico, it could certainly stick to someone’s luggage or vehicle and make its way to New York City.

Once liquid is detected, it should be isolated in a lab or some government location. Marvel has done this before with the discovery of Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, in New Mexico. When considering the sequence of scenes from God of thunder, Marvel has the perfect model for making Venom’s symbiosis discovery.

Spider-Man 3's black symbiote suit

The next point in the plot will be pretty easy for Marvel. Peter has a background in science, so he might have access to the symbiote. Of course, at that time, symbiote will attach itself to Peter.

At this point in the trilogy, things can go dark. With the symbiote sensing Peter’s Spider-Man powers, the symbiote will quickly and ruthlessly attach itself to its host. It can really bring out Peter’s dark side that has been exposed in such a short time Spider-Man: There’s no way home after the Green Goblin murdered Aunt May. Highlighting Peter’s dark side will accurately reflect from the comics and be gold on screen.

Venom Fire Cropped

If Spider-Man 3 one thing is true regarding Venom and symbiote, which is that symbiote is really hostile to sonic attacks. This is true of comic books.

In addition, symbiotes can be damaged by fire. This would be a complicated solution, since the symbiote actually attaches itself to its host. Whether attacking with sound or with fire, Peter will have to remove the symbiote from his people somehow before it becomes a somewhat permanent and hostile fixture.

Venom Eddie Brock gets cut

At some point in the new trilogy, Peter will defeat the symbiote in some kind of battle. This will free him from the symbiote’s power and influence.

The symbiote will then have to attach itself to a new host, creating a new Venom. Flash Thompson will make a solid choice, For a few reasons. He’s been Venom in the Marvel comics before. Furthermore, Flash worships Spider-Man but hates Peter. If he discovered that they were one in the same, and then had the symbiote attach itself to him, this would create a ferocious enemy.

Cut Knull

This will likely happen in the second or third installment of the third installment of the sequel trilogy. Spider-Man and Venom will attack, with Spider-Man right use his wits against the great power of Venom. The alternative is for Spider-Man and Venom to team up against a larger threat. What that threat is could be hotly debated before the film’s release, but Knull, God of the Symbiotes would be a great choice.

Sony and Marvel Studios could really add to Venom’s lore by incorporating the character into a full trilogy rather than an upcoming movie. This would make for an incredibly rewarding story, especially since Venom is essentially an evil rival to the sane Spider-Man.

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