Sonic Frontiers will need a lot of work to go to a fully open world

Sega made headlines at this year’s The Game Awards with two trailers featuring the green hedgehog mascot. Fans have a dual feature with Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie trailer and an internal engine Sonic Frontiers introductory video. The images for the sequel Sonic game being teased is something stunning, with the biggest and most ambitious bit of news to date being that the title will be open world in a sense.

Ideas about Sonic the Hedgehog can run around and explore an open area in the same circuit as Breath of the Wild It sounds interesting in theory. However, with Sonic’s incredible speed at fans’ disposal, it’s likely they’ll quickly run out of space to use up the hedgehog’s full power. It seems that Sega is aware of this, and since she is very adamant about calling Border the first “open zone” Sonic game, they might have found some solution.


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What can the sound game in the open area mean


Interesting Sonic Frontiers calling itself “open area” Sonic game, as well as being the first of its kind. When thinking about the phrase in the sense that most Sonic so-called “zones” levels, especially in 2D titles, have the potential to work around running out of space, each of the Starfall Islands will be their own explorable area like the others. larger version of PokemonThe wild areas of more than Breath of the Wild Huge map so players have multiple locations to explore instead of just one.

However, this still doesn’t solve the problem of fans moving Sonic off of the island’s ledges when they run out of space, or not being able to use all of Sonic’s speed if a large map isn’t big enough for the hedgehog. green. One thing Sonic Team has revealed about the game may already have some answers. Morio Kishimoto, director of Sonic Lost World, is returning live Border. With him was Sachiko Kawamura, Sonic Unleashed’s Art director, who is taking on the new role of producing this title. While this isn’t the only game where these two ads have worked, a look at their mechanics may answer the conundrum behind. Borders’ main conceit.

Sonic Lost World’s Parkour Dynamic


Sonic Lost World is an adventure of Sonic lost in time until the Wii U exclusive version was ported to PC years later. Receptionist The lost world generally a mix of Sonic fans, with some criticizing that it has the power to experiment but doesn’t use its ideas to the fullest. A feature Sonic Lost World Yes that can play an important role in Border is its dynamic control featuring run trigger and parking mechanism.

While fans lamented that Sonic Lost World saw Sonic’s overall speed decrease compared to game speed increase As if Sonic Generations, it could be argued that Sonic’s speed reduction gives fans more control, makes it easier for the game to follow player instructions, and activates Sonic’s parkour features with ease. In Borders’ in the trailer, having clear paths on a tower overgrown with foliage seems to suggest that Sonic will be able to run into structures, hinting that perhaps an improved parkour system from The lost world may return. Allowing players to run on structures increases the potential for exploration and makes open areas feel much larger.

Sonic Unleashed’s Enhanced System in Frontiers


One important thing to consider regarding the idea that each island is a different area is the way Sonic moves between the islands. Potential vulnerabilities with bringing Lost World’s control is that some players feel it is too slow. One way to get around this is to go back to another Sonic game: Sonic Unleashed. Many long increments in Sonic Unleashed handle Sonic running on water.

To balance out players who might feel constrained by the slower gameplay on land, the game can make switching between islands providing freedom with full speed as they run across water. to find rings, items, and other little secrets like caves by the sea. This will also expand the number of areas the player will have to explore, as all maps are essentially used by the player as they can traverse the sea and land using Sonic’s ability. This can make the most restricted area or a map become size like Breath of the Wild feels twice as big.

As much as the idea of an open world Sonic game disbanded due to how fast Sonic can move valid concerns Border, there are also many methods the game can use to solve the problem. As impressive as the first trailer, with beautiful visuals that excites many fans, without the right gameplay there is no sense of how sprawling or expanding the Starfall Islands are to its size. Sonic’s size.

It’s so accurate Border handling Sonic in a more open, freer way is up for debate until the real gameplay is finally shown. While this trailer has given fans plenty of good start, it’s likely more won’t be shown for a couple of months. Hopefully next time Sonic Team has something to share, that will be the live game. If so, the open region nature of Border will ultimately be understood beyond speculation.

Sonic Frontiers coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S during the 2022 holiday season.

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