Sonic Frontiers can bring back Chao Garden

Among the Sonic in a multi-title series during its 30-year run, there’s one feature that’s been requested more than any other. That feature would be The famous series Garden Chao, which serves as a fun little piece that allows players to raise their own adorable pet-like creatures. Chao Garden has not returned to full capacity since Sonic Adventure title, but Sonic Frontiers have the greatest chance to do so.


Fortunately for fans, there may be some hope. The first open world game for the franchise Sonic Frontiers was revealed at The Game Awards, with a spawning world showcased in the engine offering some incredible exploration opportunities for the green hedgehog. When it comes to what’s available for the series and who’s currently in charge of the decisions Border, the stars can arrange for the Chao Garden to finally return.

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While many fans are calling for the return of Sonic the series’ best used interlude between periods, not much to do with showing that the little creatures will return for years besides Sonic Team said they may come back due to fan demand. In recent years, however, there’s been an interesting twist as the American Sega-based social media team is just as eagerly awaiting Chao’s return as fans have been.

One of the Sonic shorts on YouTube was shared for the holiday called “Chao in Space,” which is full of Easter eggs and involves Chao and Star Wars as Sonic takes care of a sleepwalking Chao. More recently, however, the US online store Sega also released a “Chao collection” of items dedicated to fan-favorite creatures. The biggest excitement regarding Chao on social media platforms is for Sonic 30th Anniversary Symphony, pause featuring “Chao Cam”, featuring the social media manager’s personal creatures in Sonic Adventure 2 thanks for the help of mods.

Sonic Frontiers’ Producer Role


As part of the press release for Sonic Frontiers, Sachiko Kawamura is revealed to be producing the title, and this will be interesting for Chao enthusiasts. Sachiko Kawamura is a longtime member of Sonic Team, having worked on the series ever since Sonic 3D Blast. She is mainly Art Director on titles As if Sonic Lost World, Sonic Runnersand more, but Sonic Frontiers This is her first time taking on the role of a producer.

What makes this interesting is that she is the main Chao Artist on Sonic Adventure title, in charge of the system that makes living things work in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut. She also went on to say in interviews that she considers Chao one of her favorite characters as far as the franchise is concerned. As a producer, if she wants to bring Chao Gardens back, she most likely can, provided that no one taller than her says no.

There are other things too Sonic franchises that have done recently hint at the possibility of returning to Chao Garden, such as official Sonic Minecraft collaborative map has its own Chao Garden. Sonic Team has been repeatedly asked when this feature will return Sonic the game and its answers are always for fans to ask for it through feedback. With Chao’s efforts and integration into things like Minecraft, official merchandise, and more, many players have been able to say they want Chao back just by purchasing these products.

With open area nature of Sonic Frontiers, which is rumored to have individual level segments to find on the Starfall Islands via leaks, it seems like the perfect game to have Chao’s Garden in the middle of Sonic’s run. While the feature is far from confirmed, skipping it seems like a missed opportunity, especially since it’s time for Chao to want to return to the franchise for some reason. For Chao fans who want to see the feature return, the only thing that might or may not be agreeable to the idea is that Sega or Sonic Team themselves will continue. Border notifications.

Sonic Frontiers slated to launch in holiday 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

THAN: Sonic Frontiers can give the lineup much-needed stability

Sonic Frontiers can give the lineup much-needed stability

The Sonic line has never faltered, but it’s also inconsistent; Sonic Frontiers may be taking steps to change that in a good way.

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