Songs About Gambling: Top 10

The gambling industry has been a source of inspiration for many musicians. If they’re not playing their favourite games on the table or slot machines, you’ll find them writing songs about the industry.

Most of these songs talk about what it takes to be a gambler and the fun that comes with it. To put you in the right mood while you play games on the  $1 deposit casino, here are a few songs you can listen to:

#10 Ray Charles: Losing hand

Before the demands for hits dictated his style of music, this song showed the emotional side of Ray Charles. This song talks about falling in love with a woman who doesn’t love you back.

#9 ABBA: The winner takes it all

This song talks about divorce and the emotions that come with it. However, this message was conveyed metaphorically. It referred to how winners at the poker table take the entire pot and leave nothing for others. 

#8 Grateful Dead: Deal

This song mainly talks about how you can win at the tables. This song also tells you about the risks involved. For instance, you’re reminded that it will cost you more money to lose than to win. Overall, the message behind this song is to manage your bankroll and gain more experience.

#7 The Clash: The card cheat

This song is a friendly reminder to gamblers on why they shouldn’t cheat. It talks about a gambler who was shot dead after he was caught. Not only did he lose all his earnings, but he also lost his life.

#6 Motorhead: Ace of spades

This song mainly talks about the thrills that come with the game. It’s quite specific as it talks about how the world views gambling. However, it’s quite difficult to stop because of the pleasure that comes with it. It fully expresses what goes on in the gambling industry.

#5 Sting: Shape of my heart

This song is very deep. It’s not about winning the pot. Neither is it about losing. This song talks about a poker player who plays at the table with hopes of finding true meaning behind the cards of the game. Sting in all fairness shared his opinion about the poker cards and their meaning.

#4 AC/DC: The jack

You’ll only need to listen to this song once. It’s not about casino games. Rather, it’s about a girl with a poker face. After falling in love with her, he realizes that everything She’s ever said was a lie.

#3 Ray Charles: Blackjack

This song talks about the game blackjack and how you lose money from it. It’s also very catchy and encouraging. One major lesson you’ll learn from this song is to keep your bankrolls in check while playing blackjack.

#2 Elvis Presley: Viva Las Vegas

Elvis Presley has a way of bringing your imagination to life with his songs. This song piece talks about life in Vegas – the bright lights, beautiful women, and how time flies when you’re in the casino. He also mentioned popular games such as blackjack, poker, and roulette.

#1 Kenny Rogers: The gambler

Not many songs can compete with this one. This song is a global sensation that has been felt by many people. The lyrics to this song are relatable. This song talks about the life lessons that Roger learned from a gambler.


Gambling is a wonderful game that has brought joy to the hearts of many people. These songs were derived from the games played at the casino. They talk about the excitement that comes with winning and also the pains that come from losing. If you want to be inspired, try and listen to these songs.

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