Son of far-right group leader accused of child molestation

The son of the leader of an anti-government group is facing dozens of criminal charges for allegedly sexually abusing a child under the age of 12.

Richard Solon Mack, 44, is the son of Richard Mack, founder of the Association of Constitutional Chiefs of Police and Peace Police. The CSPOA, according to the Anti-Defamation League, “is an anti-government extremist group whose primary purpose is to recruit police chiefs into the anti-government ‘patriotic’ movement.” The movement and its founder killed wing with conspiracy movements like QAnon, which falsely alleges a widespread pattern of child sex trafficking.

On Tuesday, Mack was arrested on four counts of incest each, molesting a child under 12 and sexually abusing a child under 12. He has since moved out of Warren County, Kentucky, to jail with $150,025 in cash.

Mack’s attorney, Travis Brown, said the charges were based on false allegations. Brown told The Daily Beast: “The allegations and allegations against Mr Mack are absurd.

Mack also insists his son is innocent.

Reached by phone, Mack Sr asserted that his son’s ex-wife filed a false complaint, which led to Mack’s indictment. Brown also made a similar account, accusing Mack’s ex of making baseless statements during a protracted custody battle. Brown said police investigated the sexual abuse allegations in 2019, but had not charged them at the time. He said he wanted the case to go to trial.

Mack’s ex-wife did not comment on the ex-father-in-law’s statements. Last week, a large Warren County grand jury found Mack on 12 counts. The indictment accuses Mack of repeatedly raping a child, starting in 2016 when the child was seven years old. The alleged incidents happened until January 2019.

Mack Sr. “He was previously arrested and sued the agency that arrested him and he won an out-of-court settlement. “This has gotten really tough and the indictment is a total joke. He is not authorized any legal proceedings. He was not even involved and he was not allowed to give any evidence.”

“Mack Sr. and his movement has become popular with local governments protesting against anti-COVID measures such as face masks.”

Defendants rarely give evidence at grand jury trials, in which jurors decide whether to charge the defendant. (The trial does not decide whether the defendant is guilty or not.) In Kentucky, defendants are allowed to submit petitions to present evidence to a grand jury. However, the jury is not obligated to accept that request. Brown confirmed that he submitted a request for Mack to show evidence, but that was denied.

Mack Sr. called the incident a “sad situation” and said his son would fight the charges.

Elder Mack is a well-known figure in far-right and militia circles for founding the CSPOA. The organization falsely asserts that the sheriff is the highest-ranking law enforcement agency in their county and encourages sheriffs to enforce (or not enforce) the law according to their personal interpretation of the constitution.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mack Sr. and his movement has become popular with local governments protesting against anti-COVID measures such as face masks. At least two Nevada counties paid thousands of people to become CSPOA “lifetime” members last year. Mack Sr. told The Daily Beast last year, though it included a placard, lapel pin and “all sorts of merchandise from CSPOA.”

Mack Sr. is a former board member of the Oath Keepers, a far-right paramilitary group involved in the January 6 attack on the Capitol, although he did tell BuzzFeed he left the organization in 2016. However, he and CSPOA later teamed up with other far-right metrics. One of the CSPOA’s Nevada events in 2021 featured appearances by a Capitol rioter (she pleaded guilty this year) and Mack Sr. then went on a nationwide tour led by Robert David Steele, the now deceased QAnon promoter. (Mack Sr. tells Evil behavior that he doesn’t care about QAnon and that he doesn’t know about Steele’s plot.)

Mack Sr. and CSPOA also conducted recent training courses for Texas law enforcement, prompting civil rights groups to complain.

“CSPOA is currently co-sponsored a nationwide tour with an anti-QAnon conspirator,” said Devin Burghart, former executive director of the Institute for Human Rights Research and Education. Mother Jones. “Robert David Steele is an anti-Semitism advocate who has come up with conspiracy theories about ‘Saint Zionists’ participating in a global conspiracy against white people. .”

Mack Sr. was also present during the 2014 armed struggle of Cliven Bundy against federal agents. He later told Fox News that, if authorities opened fire, he and Bundy’s supporters planned to put the women on the front lines “to show the world how ruthless these people are.” “.

“I would put my wife or daughters there, and I would scream bloody murder as I watched them die,” he said. “I will go next, I will be the next to be killed. I’m not afraid to die here. I am ready to die here”. Son of far-right group leader accused of child molestation


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