Solo Leveling Chapter 160 Spoilers & Release Date

Given the sheer amount of action served to us in the Solo Leveling series, one can’t help but get excited. And so we bring you an article about Solo Leveling Chapter 160 Spoilers & Release Date.

In Chapter 159 of the Solo Leveling series we witnessed Sung Jin-Woo fights the monarch. He fights against ice golems and corpses controlled by the Sovereign of Plagues.

And with Sovereign of Beastly Fang’s wrist reconstruction, he joined too early. This is when we let Beru break out of the ice prison and rush to support his liar.

Solo Leveling Chapter 160 Spoilers & Release Date
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The attacks didn’t stop but Sung Jin-woo continued until he crashed Ice Elf in heart. He soon encounters an attack from the Sovereign of Beastly Fangs.


This caused several other Shadow Soldiers to break out of the ice prison and follow Beru’s lead. The chapter ends with Sung Jin-Woo using a healing skill and preparing for a second attack on Sovereigns.

Solo Leveling – Chapter 160 Spoilers-

  • The fight that follows will have Sung Jin-Woo focus on Sovereign of Beastly Fangs and the Sovereign of Frost. On the other hand, Beru will focus on Sovereignty of the Plague.
  • Sung Jin-Woo’s sensory perception was pushed to the maximum here. And so this not only increases his speed, but also increases his attack power and reflex deflection.
  • Beru can only do so many things and therefore won’t be able to hold out too well. According to the novel, Beru was almost crushed to extinction by Sovereignty of the Plague. And so Sung Jin-woo ran to help.
  • The Sovereign of Plagues completely took over Beru, believing that Sung Jin-Woo could not call him back. And so Sung Jin-Woo went to the murder scene with an almost limitless series of violent slashes.
  • Despite her regenerative abilities, the Sovereign of Plagues couldn’t keep up. This resulted in the death of The 9th Sovereign, Sovereign of the Plague, Querehsha.
  • While Sung Jin-Woo was busy with this, the Sovereign of Beastly Fangs quickly attacked. And so he plunged his claws into Sung Jin-Woo’s chest.
  • It was followed by a few final blows from the Sovereign of Frost that brought his heart to a halt.
  • With this Sung Jin-Woo is dead and Beru is disappointed. However, there are a few messages from the system.
  • The system mentions that Sung Jin-Woo currently possesses a Black Heart. This triggers a mystery ẩn Passive skill called Evolution.

Since the series is known for its sneaks, it’s very likely that the chapter will end here. In the following, we can understand a little about the sovereignty of Darkness.

The power of all Monacrhs
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Solo Leveling Chapter 160 Release Date-

Putting the series to stardom is sure to get fans excited and nervous for the next chapter. The upcoming chapter 160 will have some big events coming up.

Solo Leveling Chapter 160 Spoilers & Release Date
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Chapter 160 of this series will be published on July 28, 2021. And it will surely entertain you.

Read Where Solo Level Chapter 160-

the series is coming to an end in the coming months according to the novel. We can certainly expect a lot of action and gain some insight into the history of nations.

And so we encourage fans to read the series. Chapters of the series can be read on official websites such as Tappytoon.

With this, we conclude the article on Solo Leveling Chapter 160 Spoilers and release date. We’ll be back next week after the chapter of the grotesque event, so stay safe, stay tuned, and keep the hype.

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