So far every change for Isaac confirmed

Empty room is an upcoming remake of EA’s legendary survival horror game from 2008 that will make a number of improvements. Considering how long ago this original release was – and the fact that it’s being developed by Motive Studio while the original creators closed down Visceral Games – some changes can be expected in the remake to make it more in tune with the current generation. However, from what has been shown so far, it appears to be a fairly faithful recreation of Visceral’s seminal title. Graphics, audio, and physics are all overhauled for next-gen technology, but the remake retains the atmosphere, setting, and story of the original. However, one aspect that will undergo some changes that might surprise some fans is the protagonist Isaac Clarke.


That Empty room The remake was first announced at the EA Play 2021 event, to the delight of eager fans who had suspected it was in the works based on months of rumours. It’s a return to form for the series that’s more focused on that resident Evil-Inspired survival horror elements of the original as opposed to the more action-oriented later installments. These aspects were part of what made the first game a fan favorite of the series. Other welcome changes include the removal of the plagued microtransaction system dead space 3 and a more detailed rendition of the dismemberment function, which was the series’ main combat mechanic. While this all sounds like good news, changes to Isaac could be more divisive for some fans familiar with the original Dead Space.

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Break Isaac’s silence

Empty room follows Isaac Clarke, an engineer aboard the USG Ishimura, after he is hired on a repair job and is quickly attacked by terrifying undead necromorphs. In the context of the original Empty room, it is difficult to learn much about Isaac’s personality because of one key characteristic: he never speaks. Aside from a few grunts and other non-verbal noises, Isaac remains silent throughout the first game. That changes in Empty room make new.

Now Isaac will be fully voiced, reacting to the horrors around him as he explores the ship and speaks during interactions with NPCs. This is not entirely new as this was the approach dead space 2 and 3, where Isaac was fully voiced and portrayed by Gunner Wright. Wright is reprising his role for the upcoming remake.

In the year 2008 Empty room, the combination that Isaac has no dialogue and is almost never shown without his RIG suit and mask had some narrative effects that shouldn’t be ignored. Isaac is not a hero or a soldier, but an engineer who finds himself in a horrific situation where he is completely overwhelmed. This is much more understandable than other protagonists. Therefore, due to his deadpan nature, Isaac is as much a player avatar or audience surrogate as a normal character. He is only afraid when the player is afraid, rather than conveying fear through his own reactions. Even the game design reflects this approach, for example by integrating the user interface with the view of Isaac’s RIG helmet and gear.

This approach was intrinsically immersive, and that may be why some have reservations about the change. However, the new approach also has advantages. Isaac’s unreactive nature may have spoiled the immersion in the original game. At times it seemed unnatural that the character would not react to the horrific events happening around him. Now Isaac will have contextual speech lines based on what’s going on around him and what he’s doing.

The lines of speech given to Isaac in the Empty room remake are influenced by the ALIVE system. This is a new mechanic that affects his behavior based on his heart rate, breathing, and health status. Heart rate and breathing, in turn, are affected by things like sprinting, fear of jumping, and fighting. Each contextual speech line has three variations – normal, fatigued, and injured. The feature will hopefully avoid repeating lines of speech, which often causes reactive dialogue to detract from immersion rather than enhance it.

That Empty room remake also gives Isaac’s iconic RIG suit a makeover. The suit itself has been remastered with stunning textures and detail thanks to next-gen hardware capabilities. But there’s one change that Motive hasn’t touched on yet. There seems to be a new feature between the health and stasis meters: a pentagon with the same light as those meter bars. What this light source could be is still unclear. It may indicate a new ability or resource available to Isaac, similar to the Stasis and Kinesis abilities he had in the Empty room.

Empty room will be released on January 27, 2023 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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