Smite 8.11 Update Shows Today’s Patches for Titan of Cosmos

The Smite’s Titan of the Cosmos Show just ended and we already know what the upcoming update will include.

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The update is still a week away, but the developers have released all the information regarding the update. From the anti-healing buff to countless other changes, there’s a lot to look forward to in the update. The following is Note of the update.

Punishment | Trailer for the movie Atlas



Punishment | Trailer for the movie Atlas





Smite 8.11 Update Shows today’s patch




Welcome to the SMITE World Championship patch! Our goal in this patch is to make any final tweaks before the pros take to the stage and battle to see who is this Season’s World Champion. The adjustments made here focus on competitive level feedback to ensure we have a fun and competitive championship. The first change focuses on Healing. We’ve seen a steady increase in gods that have significant healing for their team, and instead of a direct nerf, we wanted to use our global drop to tackle this problem. The combat pressure they provide will be mitigated by other adjustments below but this allows us to address the healing that occurs between skirmishes.

  • Healing time increased from 30% to 40%
    • This applies globally to all gods that have not dealt/taken damage or CC to/from another god within the last 3 seconds


Lotus Crown is a major reason to increase healing. Its cheap but effective stat combined with the powerful ally utility makes the gods who can apply it stand out from the rest. By reducing the utility of teammates, the other gods’ powers will have a better chance of competing.

  • Reduced passive magic and physical protection for allies from 20 to 15


The final focus adjustment on ‘heal’ is towards Divine Ruin. All other Anti-Healing items feel strong to buy, with the exception of the Divine Ruin, which feels significantly weaker than the other picks. An extra 20 Magic Power will help the Mages secure their place as part of a powerful Anti-Heal of an all-round team.

  • Ability power increased from 90 to 110


Warrior’s Ax has received major tweaks and our goal for solo lane to have a more aggressive feel and combat focus has been met, Warrior’s Ax is contributing too much in that regard. We’re downplaying the aggressiveness of one-on-one live trading early in the game to ensure other starters can compete.

  • Reduced passive HP stolen from 35 to 25
  • Increase steal HP from 1 per level to 1.5 per level


Similar to Warrior’s Ax, Sundering provides Warrior’s with more than enough consistent and reliable deals. Reducing the frequency and potency of theft should help make this feel more in line with other early upgrades.

  • Passive cooldown increased from 7 seconds to 8 seconds
  • Damage reduction from 3% + 2% per protection to 2% + 2% protection


Wind Demon offers a wide range of stats that can be combined with most Hunter builds. Reducing Attack Speed ​​at both its base and proc will make this item less useful in all builds but is still a powerful part of Critical Strike builds.

  • Reduced attack speed from 20% to 15%
  • Reduced passive bonus attack speed from 15% to 10%


Bastet has risen above the win rate charts with her recent remake! She’s still excellent as a Skilled Assassin but with the addition of Ultimate’s healing and target isolation, her gameplay is much more complete. However, each of these new components is just an overly strong beard, leaving her with too much self-sustaining and close-ups. Reducing these ingredients (and setting the Huntress of Bast to 90) will allow the player to have a better chance at surviving this terrifying cat encounter.

  • Nightstalker
    • Reduced Lifesteal and Lifesteal Skills from 5 + 1% per level (up to 25%) to 5 + 0.75% per level (20% of max)
    • Reduced Lifesteal and Lifesteal Skill from 5 + 0.5% per level (up to 15%) to 5 + 0.25 per level (up to 10%)
  • Huntress of Bast
    • Cooldown increased from 80s to 90s
    • Reduced physical strength ratio from 100% to 90%


Speaking of Killer Boom, Cliodhna’s ultimate produced some interesting standout moments. When fighting her directly, her damage and killing ability are similar to those of other Assassins; but ult traps often execute enemies before battle can begin. This will expose an enemy to a trap in a less dangerous situation and reduce the chance of being instantly killed by two stacked traps.

  • Tear off the veil
    • Reduced Attack Damage Ratio from 80% to 70%


Camazotzs has been a controversial Assassin and it looks like he will continue to be a dominant presence if not adjusted. Scaling up on Vampire Bats and Out-of-Hell Bats will make it easier for him to trade and counter the power of the free Physical Strength he gets with Screech.

  • Vampire Bats
    • Reduced initial attack damage ratio from 100% to 80%
      • (Total scaling down from 130% to 110%)
  • Bats out of hell
    • Reduced Attack Damage Ratio from 40% to 35%
      • (Total scaling down from 120% to 105%)


Erlang Shen is another jungler whose high playstyle can limit jungler diversity in Worlds. 72 Transformations offers massive crowd control with a relatively low cooldown when maxxed. Turtle’s base damage reduction combined with increased cooldown will limit how often and how dangerous this crowd control can be.

  • 72 transformations
    • Tortoise damage reduction from 65/110/155/200/245 to 55/100/145/190/235
    • Cooldown increased from 18/17/16/15/14 seconds to 18 / 17.5 / 17 / 16.5 / 16 seconds


Nike has been a consistent and reliable route to victory for many teams. Barrier Formation’s extended duration combined with Sentinel of Zeus’s team-wide slow gives her tools that are hard to answer again. Reducing the duration of both of these effects opens windows for better counterattacks and attacks.

  • Barrier formation
    • Decreased duration of this skill from 6 seconds to 4 seconds
  • Zeus’ Sentinels
    • Slow duration reduced from 4 / 4.5 / 5 / 5.5 / 6 seconds to 4 seconds at all ranks


Artio could definitely suffer another nerf with her performance, even with our most recent throttling. Her powerful utility from Entangling Vines and Ferocious roar will now be less frequent. Entangling Vines also limit the enemy’s ability to fight back with a huge Power drop. Reducing this will allow enemies that can’t run away to have a stronger chance to fight back.

  • Entangling Vines (Fierce Roar)
    • Cooldown increased from 14 seconds to 15 seconds for both Bear and Druid
    • Reduced Druid Power Debuff from 5/10/15/20/25% to 5 / 7.5 / 10 / 12.5 / 15%


Morrigan offers unparalleled flexibility to the player. The strong late game killer gameplay combined with the transformation into a powerful combat god can make it difficult for even the most difficult teams to coordinate. Confusion’s lengthy late game makes it especially hard to avoid getting caught. With one second removed, Morrigan will need to decide whether to execute the assassination plot much faster or risk being caught.

  • Panic
    • Stealth duration reduced from 4 / 4.5 / 5 / 5.5 / 6s to 3 / 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 / 5s


  • Infinite Oversight Cerberus: Major Attaway
  • Soul Slayer Nemesis: Aimee Smith
  • Crimson Authority King Arthur: Cory Yee
  • Shield Guardian Cabrakan: Matthew Waterson

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