Smartest Xbox Characters Ranked

There is always a debate among gamers about which exclusive console is better or which character is stronger. It’s a never-ending debate, but one that regularly goes unnoticed is the discussion of the smartest Xbox characters. The exclusive characters that exist in Xbox games deserve credit for their intellect and not for how good they are with a gun or how hard they can hit.

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There is a great library of Xbox exclusive games for a variety of platforms. These games mainly focus on the story, and in such a story there are a number of interesting characters, some of whom have impressive intellect, whether they are the protagonist or not.


8th Lara Croft, Rise of the Tomb Raider

As the main protagonist Grave robbers franchise, Lara Croft has cemented her place as an iconic video game character with incredible skill and wit. For a limited time exclusivity, Rise of the Tomb Raider showed Lara Croft in her highest potential so far. She had honed her skills and intellect to be an incredible archaeologist, treasure hunter, tomb robber, and hunter.

Intelligent and above the interest of upper-class society, the character primarily seeks the excitement and knowledge that comes from delving into mysteries of the past and discovering what presumably never existed.

7 Player, Sunset Overdrive

Although the player from Sunset overdrive As janitors, they might not have had the smartest or most challenging job in the world, but they certainly had the intellect and skills to survive the end of the world. The player has a level of intellect that other characters lack and that is the ability to break the fourth wall, as evidenced by the fact that their name can be seen by other characters as it appears like a HUD name above theirs head is located.

The player will become a highly intelligent person against all odds, capable of defending themselves and using their quick wits to figure out where to park as well. Measuring the projection of a swing or the weapon to be used is no easy task.

6 Commander Jaxon, Crackdown 3

Commander Isaiah Jaxon displays a level of dedication and intellect superior to all. For the crackdown franchise, Jaxon proves to be an incredible agent in diarrhea 3. Working with the agency, Jaxon prioritizes eating his veggies, yogurt, and creative aspects like painting and dancing. His physical appearance may be impressive, but his awards for intelligence are even more so.

Jaxon is the only agent recognized as a level 6 agent in The Agency. He is the most accomplished agent who has ever served and it shows in his high level of knowledge and ease of use in the technology and weapons given to him throughout diarrhea 3.

5 Atriox, Halo Wars 2

As the Jiralhanae Warlord and leader of the Exiles, Atriox is a Brute to be reckoned with. included Halo Wars 2, the effects on this character’s intellect in general and on war tactics are nothing short of legendary. He is amazing gloriole Character and one who fought against the Alliance long before the Great Schism and fought the SPARTAN Red Team.

He even designed Atriox’s weapon, the energy evil known as the “Chainbreaker,” which was created from parts of a T-2 Gravity Hammer. His tactical mind is a threat to SPARTANS and Covenant members alike, and his warriors will follow him into any situation, knowing he will win.

4 Marcus Fenix, Gears of War 4

Marcus Fenix ​​​​was the protagonist of the first three war implements games. With the threat seemingly over, Marcus enjoyed a life of peace and raised a son. However, when a looming threat gripped humanity again, Marcus Fenix ​​returned to the Army of the Colation of Ordered Governments as a soldier.

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Thanks to his experiences, Marcus Fenix ​​​​is much smarter and more skilled at it war implements4. The character is a legend in both the gaming community and the world of war implementswith many characters looking up to him for his fighting intellect and skills.

3 Isabela Keyes, Dead Rising 3

Isabela Keyes is the younger sister of Carlito Keyes, the mastermind who briefly brought Willamette, Colorado to its knees. The zombie outbreak in the Willamette incident was just the beginning, and Isabela Keyes had a secret role to play deadrise. She helped infect the populace as an act of revenge, but would have a change of heart and help Frank West.

However, it is later revealed in her role in Dead Rising 3 that Isabela Keyes is looking for the protagonist Nick to use his blood to create a permanent cure for the zombie virus. This is a rare character smart enough to heal a zombie outbreak that she helped create.

2 Paul Serene, Quantum Break

If there is an incredible intellectual feat, it is not only combat prowess, but also the ability to build fiction’s greatest creation, that of a time machine. Paul Serene is the antagonist for quantum fracture and worked on the Promenade project. This time travel experiment malfunctioned and Paul was able to step through time after being forced to witness the end of time in 2021.

Despite his great intellect, it didn’t stop the time machine from causing a time collapse. Paul attempted to survive the collapse of time by founding Monarch Solutions in 1999, using his intellect and selfishness to attempt to survive its horrors.

1 Cortana, Halo: Combat Evolved

It’s commonplace in the gloriole universe to be used for AI. Cortana was an artificial intelligence construct of the UNSC who became one of the most important figures during the Human-Covenant War. She has also been credited as the partner of the legendary Master Chief, and without her Master Chief would surely have come to an end Halo: Combat Evolved.

Cortana shows great wit, high level of intellect and caring for John-117. Cortana’s ever growing intellect can be seen as a threat as technology capable of controlling other technology could be a destructor for the right reasons.

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