Smartest Worst Generation Pirates In One Piece

One Piece‘s Worst Technology refers back to the group of pirates who debuted throughout the Sabaody Archipelago Arc with a bounty exceeding 100 million berries, together with Blackbeard and Luffy. Over the 2 years since then, the Worst Technology have continued to make waves throughout the One Piece world and a few, comparable to Blackbeard, have even risen to positions comparable to Yonko.

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Whereas there isn’t any doubt that the Worst Technology members are highly effective, their smartness is definitely an underrated asset to them. Which One Piece Worst Technology pirates have the sharpest thoughts of all of them?

Eustass Child

Eustass Captain Kid Of The Worst Generation

Eustass Child is the Captain of the Child Pirates and an extremely highly effective pirate. On the subject of smartness, nonetheless, Child is not all that nice.

He rushes into issues, as anticipated of his hot-headed character, and, on the identical time, wants Killer by his aspect to assist him make the suitable determination. It goes with out saying that Child just isn’t the neatest character out of the Worst Technology.


Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D Luffy in One Piece: Stampede

The Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy is the protagonist of the story and a fearsome pirate able to taking over the likes of the Yonko in battle. Similar to Child, nonetheless, Luffy is not the neatest of pirates.

Luffy does pick up things very quickly in battles and is a genius with regards to preventing, which might’t be mentioned for Child. Luffy can be very mature and is aware of which fights he has to struggle and which of them aren’t his to struggle, as seen when the Akazaya 9 launched their assault on Kaido.

Scratchmen Apoo

One Piece Scratchmen Apoo

Apoo is the captain of the On-Air Pirates and has a bounty of 350 million berries on his head. He is fairly a crafty pirate as he betrayed Child, Hawkins, and Killer in favor of Kaido. Having already set an elaborate plan into movement, Apoo bought them captured.

What’s extra, Apoo was sensible sufficient to know the place his probabilities of survival lie higher and he labored accordingly.


killer smile One Piece

Killer is the right-hand man of Eustass Child and the brains of the Child Pirates. He’s an extremely smart person who knows how to find the best way for his crew to proceed with the least obstacles. Killer retains Child in verify and is sensible sufficient to determine plans for him.

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Killer was the person accountable for the alliance with Apoo and Hawkins, though the alliance resulted in failure. What’s extra, Killer additionally discovered how Apoo’s Satan Fruit works fairly shortly, showcasing his smartness within the course of.

X Drake

X Drake Of The Beasts Pirates One Piece

One other North Blue pirate like Hawkins, X Drake is a member of the key unit of the Navy known as SWORD. Drake is kind of highly effective and likewise very sensible. He made the entire world consider that he went rogue as a Navy Rear Admiral and infiltrated the Beasts Pirates.

On condition that infiltrations are frequent within the One Piece world, Drake ought to’ve been a straightforward suspect regardless of the place he went. Nonetheless, he managed to maintain his id a secret for a very long time, which fits to indicate that he is fairly crafty.

Basil Hawkins

Basil Hawkins Of Beasts Pirates In Wano Country

Basil Hawkins is a pirate from the North Blue who’s at present working for Yonko Kaido. Hawkins is kind of a talented fighter, however his greatest power is his strategic thoughts. Hawkins is extraordinarily sensible along with his utilization of the Wara Wara no Mi.

In his struggle towards Killer, he was sensible sufficient to make use of Child’s life towards him. Towards Legislation, he used the lives of Bepo, Sachi, and Penguin. Hawkins additionally gave up when Kaido attacked as a result of he knew that was the higher option to make whereas Child and Killer continued to struggle.

Jewellery Bonney

One Piece Jewelry Bonney

Jewellery Bonney is a pirate from the South Blue and the captain of the Bonney Pirates. Though little or no has been seen of her to date, Bonney is sensible sufficient to know how to trick others using her Devil Fruit. Utilizing her wits, she managed to flee the grasp of the Celestial Dragons not as soon as however twice.

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What’s extra, Bonney additionally managed to sneak into Mariejois with out anybody detecting her presence.

Capone ‘Gang’ Bege

Capone Gang Bege One Piece

Among the many West Blue’s biggest pirates, Bege comes from one of many 5 Households of the West, that are highly effective mafia organizations. Identified for taking out mafia bosses and watching their organizations crumble, Bege is a really tasteless human. As a pirate, he is completed the identical and riled up a number of crews towards him by taking out their captains, solely to defeat them unexpectedly by gathering them up.

Bege was sensible sufficient to hunt refuge underneath the identify of Huge Mother. In the meantime, he tricked your entire pirate crew into trusting him and rose to the place of Rook when his true objective was to kill Huge Mother all alongside. Bege even discovered that Mom Carmel’s portrait was Big Mom’s weakness.

Trafalgar Legislation

Ope Ope no Mi Trafalgar Law

Also called the Surgeon of Dying, Trafalgar Law is the Captain of the Heart Pirates. Not like his allies, Luffy and Child, Legislation is extraordinarily sensible. He was the mastermind behind the Rocky Port Incident and due to that, he gained the Shichibukai place. He then used the place to get to Punk Hazard, the place he shaped an alliance with Luffy.

Legislation manipulated Smoker into sending an Admiral after Doflamingo and used the Straw Hats to get his revenge on the Shichibukai. What’s extra, his intelligent methods prompted numerous bother for Doflamingo and ultimately led to his downfall.


Blackbeard using Black Hole

Marshall D. Educate, often known as Blackbeard, is among the most fearsome pirates on the planet of One Piece. He is one of many Yonko and thus possesses nice energy, nonetheless, he is equally sharp. Not solely did he plan to take over Whitebeard’s place since eternally, however he additionally succeeded in doing so.

Blackbeard used the place of Shichibukai to realize crewmates from Impel Down after which used the Summit War of Marineford to get his hands on the Gura Gura no Mi. He is already deliberate his technique to turning into the Pirate King, making him one of many smartest characters in One Piece.

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