Slay The Spire: Best Watcher Cards, Ranked

The Guardian is one of them Kill the towerThe most complex classes of , using an extensive deck of cards to balance their three powerful stances. The Guardian differs dramatically from the other classes and requires a thorough understanding of Fury and Calm to use effectively.

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The Sentinel is very well suited to patient players who like to dish out quick bursts of damage before returning to a more defensive position. However, beginners and masters alike should consider using the strongest cards the Warden offers to get the most out of this playstyle and bolster their deck with powerful abilities like Scrying and Preservation.


10 Windmill strike

Windmill Strike is a strong win condition in Kill the tower. It costs two energy to play and deals relatively little damage, but its true power comes from its retain effect: at the end of each turn, it stays in your hand and its damage stacks up, meaning it can be in just a few turns Deal more than 30 damage to take down stronger enemies.

This card works great in block-heavy decks. Once Windmill Strike is drawn, you’ll need to survive enough turns to build up damage before entering Wrath for one-hit kills of weaker enemies. Windmill Strike also retains its increased damage throughout the fight, allowing you to deal that massive damage again in just a few turns. Combine this card with Bottle Flame Relic to ensure you always draw it on the first turn.

9 talk to the hand

A powerful card that allows the Guardian to play offensively while maintaining defense. This card works great in Wrath decks where both damage and blocking are necessary to stay alive. Additionally, multi-hit attacks like Tantrum and Ragnarok will also trigger it multiple times, making it a great addition to Wrath decks.

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This card is best against elites, bosses, and other high-health enemies, as its effect lasts for the entire fight (or until removed). This allows players to build up blocks while constantly dealing damage. This card is also an excellent choice for Bottled Flame, as it can be activated at the start of each battle for the longest uptime.

8th foresight

Peek is a powerful effect that allows players to look at the top cards of the deck and move unnecessary ones down to ensure only the best cards are drawn. Foresight grants scry 3 (4 boosts) at the start of each turn, making your draw potential exceptionally consistent, especially for smaller decks.

Since foresight also activates very frequently, this also works well with cards like Nirvana and Weave that grant special effects (gain block and return a free attack to your hand, respectively) while scouting. Since foresight allows players to draw only the most necessary cards, getting the omega effect online is almost a necessity for alpha decks.

7 omniscience

Omniscience is a costly card that is both very difficult to play and powerful at the end of the game. It allows the player to choose any card in their draw pile and play it twice. This can be extremely powerful with the right card selection.

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Worship giving 5 mantras allows the observer to instantly step into the powerful divinity posture. Ragnarok, which deals tremendous damage, deals twice as much damage for free. Finally, if you have another Omniscience to play with that card, you can double that card’s effects, allowing you to cast two more cards twice each for massive wins. This card is very expensive even after being upgraded, so having an Energy Relic to power it is very useful.

6 furnishings

Facility reduces the cost of your cards if they are kept. Since so many of Observer’s strongest cards remain and are very expensive, Establishment can pay for itself in very few turns in decks built around those cards.

Establishment is strong on its own, but upgrading it grants innates. That way, you can play it at the start of each fight and ensure it’s effective for the vast majority of rounds in a single playthrough. In addition, this card combines great with Battle Hymn, which generates a Smite card every turn and quickly spawns a wide range of free and powerful attacks. Adding Master Reality or Molten Egg to a deck with Establishment and Battle Hymn boosts each Smite as it’s created to deal even more damage.

5 Ragnarok

Ragnarok is a crucial victory condition that needs to be expertly constructed. Since it costs a whopping 3 Energy, players need to go into a Ragnarok deck and realize that they might not be able to use it until much later in the run once they have Energy Relics and enough inexpensive cards to keep them alive Ragnarok tears apart their enemies.

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Ragnarok’s strength comes from its multi-hit functionality: each hit is boosted by your strength stacks, so building up just a few strength points can nearly double his damage output. However, its main weakness is its random aiming, which can potentially target the wrong enemy in multi-enemy fights. Pair Ragnarok with cards like Wreath of Flame and Trip for massive damage, and with Talk to the Hand for multiple instances of block proc.

4 tantrum

Tantrum is an inexpensive Wrath activation card that also deals solid multi-hit damage. Additionally, it returns to the draw pile instead of going to the discard pile, meaning it can come back much faster than other cards.

Not only is Tantrum a direct upgrade to Crescendo, the Rage card that Guardian starts with, but it’s also arguably the strongest Rage card Guardian can get. It deals the same or more damage for less energy than Eruption, has a more desirable effect than Outrage, and can be played with much more consistency than Crescendo, despite Crescendo’s ability to maintain it. This card combined with Inner Peace and Rushdown can create an infinite loop by switching from Calm to Wrath. Violet lotus reinforces this infinity, but it is by no means necessary.

3 spirit shield

Spirit Shield is quite expensive but offers a large amount of blocking. Spirit Shield grants 3 Block (4 upgraded) for each card in hand and works particularly well in retain decks and high draw decks, both of which are likely to have a large number of cards in hand at any given time.

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Stance Dancer decks also love having a Spirit Shield or two, as they often feature multiple Flurry of Blows cards that deal free damage when changing stances. This means a single stance change can supply multiple more cards to create a block with Spirit Shield and then deal more damage. Using Rune Pyramid Relic to prevent your hand from being discarded at the end of your turn can ensure you have a full hand for max block each turn.

2 lesson learned

Lesson Learned deals decent damage, especially when it’s upgraded, and it has one fatal effect: whenever it kills a non-minion enemy, it upgrades a random card. If found early in a run or as a starting bonus, this card can eliminate the need for forging, making the Fusion Hammer Relic much more appealing.

This card is made better with more hallway fighting, so decks built around it need some level of protection. A prime card for this purpose is Swivel, which gives 8 blocks and makes the next attack played cost 0 energy. When played with Lesson Learned, this equates to an 8 block, which is great for fighting multiple enemies. It can be difficult to line up, but using the Pen Nib Relic can double Lesson Learned’s damage and increase the frequency of lethal activations.

1 blasphemy

Blasphemy is by far the strongest card in the Warden’s arsenal, and perhaps one of the strongest cards in the game. It instantly propels you into divinity regardless of mantra, which triples your damage for the turn. This has the potential to end fights.

Blasphemy has one serious downside that newcomers should be aware of: it dies at the start of your next turn. It does this by applying a buff, Blasphemer, that things like Artifact or Orange Pellets can’t remove. However, blasphemer can be circumvented: it won’t kill you; it deals massive damage (10,001 to be exact). As such, Intangible, Buffer, Lizard Tail, and Fairy Bottle can prevent death, allowing you to ignore Blasphemer and take advantage of Blasphemy’s massive benefits. Enter Calm before activating Blasphemy for a massive 5 energy boost and use Scrawl to draw as many cards as possible to deal divine amounts of damage.

Kill the tower is available for Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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