Skyrim: Wild Horse Location

Seven Wild Horses (and one Unicorn) can be tamed in Skyrim Anniversary Edition. Here’s where to find them all, including a map of locations.

Skyrim Anniversary Horse Location Guide

Horses have always been the main feature of Skyrim, and was in The Elder Scrolls franchise since Oblivion. When OblivionHowever, their horses are agile and weak, SkyrimHorse’s slower and tougher. Until release Anniversary edition, the only way to encounter horses in the wilds of Skyrim is to download the paid Creation Club add-on.

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Wild horses are included with Anniversary edition in a creation that allows players to tame and collect a variety of mares across their Nordic homeland. There are a total of eight new horses to find, including a rare Unicorn with its own unique quest. Find them in the first placeHowever, that may be easier said than done.


Skyrim wild horse location

Skyrim Anniversary Wild Horse Location Map
  • Black Horse: Near Falkreath, northwest of the city outside Evergreen Cove
  • Chestnut: Near Helgen, in the mountains east of the village
  • Dappled Brown: Near Solitude, to the south of the city near a Dragon Mound
  • Pale Mare: Near Windhelm, northeast of the city outside Yngol Barrow
  • Red horse: Near Whiterun, in the fields north of the city
  • Spotted Gray: Near Markarth, in the mountains north of Salvius Farm
  • Spotted white: North of Ri usually at Eastmarch Hold, near Stony Creek Cave

When talking to the Stable Admin (or some shopkeepers in general) in any Skyrim warehouse, the player has a chance buy Wild Horse map. This map shows the location of a type of wild horse nearby, although they don’t talk to the player much about their specific positions.

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All seven normal horses were found at the site marked with a red X on the map of Skyrim above. List below map description location of each horse in more detail – to find a specific horse, attest to the locations described with a marked map. Remember that it can take some searching to find them, always labeled “Wild Horse” in the game.

Where are the unicorns in Skyrim?

Skyrim Anniversary Horse Tame Unicorns Guide Types of Horses

Unicorns were also added with the creation of Wild Horses included in Skyrim Anniversary Edition, although it cannot be found roaming the world like other horses. It is only available through Legendary creature quest, begin by reading Soran’s Journal in the Arcanaeum of the University of Winterhold (it should be on Urag’s desk).

After starting the quest, head to the Lost Prospect Mine just northeast of Ri Then. The horse should only lay eggs west of Lost Prospect Mine, usually near a small pond. It is tamed in the same way as any other horse, so be prepared to buckle up a few times before it becomes your new mount.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5 as well as Xbox One and Series X | S

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