Skyrim: Where to Find Goblins

Goblins are simple cave-dwelling creatures in Oblivion, brought to Skyrim through the Creation Club. However, finding them is not so simple.

Guide to Skyrim Anniverary Goblin

There are only a few things that are significantly missing Skyrim upon release. Oblivion Gates is the most obvious, as the game takes place just over a century after the most catastrophic crisis Tamriel has ever witnessed. Something else is missing the word Skyrim are Goblins, small green folk Oblivion the player runs in almost immediately upon exiting the Royal Prison.

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Goblin is a prominent creature in Oblivion and, according to Elder Scrolls legend, spread throughout Tamriel. They were introduced to Skyrim through the creative club addons included Anniversary edition. They are featured in their own quest line containing Oblivion-like dungeons, new items, a fake Daedric Prince, and even a Goblinoid follower.


Goblin, A New Follower and Green God

Skyrim Anniverary Goblin Guide Follower

Goblins are a race closely related to Prince Daedric Malacath, the rejected and degenerate Prince, whom they call Mauloch or Muluk. In Skyrim and in Oblivion, they revere a being called Blue god, said to be an aspect of Prince Daedric, though the truth of the matter was that they were just ordinary Orcs masquerading as Goblins’ guardians.

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Legend, religion, and general knowledge of the public of Goblins are ambiguous – being a semi-intelligent race, they don’t great job of tracking of their national history. The Goblins addon helps explain some of this, although what is and isn’t canon is ultimately up to the player. The creation also adds a new follower, Gogh who can summon Storm Atronach with a special weapon that the player, unfortunately, cannot equip himself with.

Where to find Goblins in Skyrim

Skyrim Anniverary Goblin Guide Location Quest Blue God

Goblins in Skyrim are located in Gromm’s Pass, a new location on the border of Skyrim and Cyrodiil. Head south of Forelhost, ruins in The Rift, until you see the entrance to this cave in the Jerall Mountains. NS Blue In The Face related quest start on typing, or at the Bee and Barb in Richestre after the player reads a note titled Letter to Clexius on the second floor. The player is then informed of a Goblin incursion in the Gromm’s Pass, which used to be the passage between the two provinces.

The Dragonborn was instructed to kill The Blue God, an Orc disguised as Daedric Prince Malacath, and was then led to a nearby battle pit. The player has option to free a Goblin in the hole, that add Gogh as a follower. This is a particularly powerful follower thanks to its unique summoning abilities, and Gogh is surprisingly verbose despite the lack of actual dialogue in this creation (or, really, any creation).

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