Skyrim: Where to Catch Pearlfish

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is a game famous for its unfathomably deep rabbit hole that is its mod scene. Full of die-hard fans on multiple platforms, hosted on multiple sites, ‘s mod Skyrim is infinite and covers a wide range of concepts. Some of these mods become part of official packs added to new versions of the game, and such is the case with the Fishing mod on Creation Club.

Fishing installed (free for Skyrim: Special Edition or Skyrim: Anniversary Edition), Dragonborn can finally absorb the art of relaxing fishing in the frozen lakes, cold rivers and idyllic fjords of Nord province in Tamriel – and one thing worth noting is Pearl.


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Where to catch Pearlfish in Skyrim

After equipping the fishing rod – can be crafted with an iron ingot and a log, or simply bought for 30 gold coins at one of the Skyrim’s many merchants – the player can go to the Orphan’s Tear shipwreck, located along the coast between Castle Volkihar Island and the statue of Daedric Prince Meridia.

In addition to finding some fishing gear (and spare fishing rods), you can find ice fishing spots in the area, as well as a guaranteed chance of getting Pearlfish along with the islands. small island to the northwest of the shipwreck.

Lelfish skyrim elders fishing reel

An alternative to catching Pearlfish is to make your way to another Frozen Water fishing spot located along the west coast of Dawnstar, next to the abandoned reserve of Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim. While it is also possible to obtain Pearlfish through random luck while fishing in the Riosystem River, it is not the most optimal way to collect them.

What is Pearlfish used for?

Classified as a cooking and alchemy ingredient, Pearlfish offers the following bonuses: Stamina Recovery, Frost Resistance, Forging Training, One-Handed Enhancement. They are therefore well suited for producing elixirs that temporarily increase one’s Smithing skills, allowing for higher quality forging and sharpening one’s existing equipment or forging better weapons and armor. .

If a fishing spot runs out of fish, the player can simply wait 24 in-game hours for the harvest button to replenish – then they can sink their hook again and get back to the fish they need. While not the most lucrative activity the Dragonborn can tackle throughout their adventure, fishing provides a great alternative to just obtaining that one ingredient each time it evolves. alchemist in Skyrim may be missing.

Skyrim Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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