Skyrim players find Lydia in strange location

An Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim players teleport to their missing companion Lydia, only to find her trapped in a strange location.

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As far as Skyrim companion, the most famous being Lydia. Skyrim the player gains Lydia as a companion after completing the main quest Dragon Rising, and can even continue to marry her if they so desire. Lydia has been the subject of countless memes, often revolving around her promise to shoulder the Dragonborn’s burden, only to get in the way of players. Although Lydia can get headaches at times, she’s still one of those Skyrimthe most famous and recognizable characters.

Lydia, like other Skyrim partner, can sometimes get separated from the Dragonborn and get lost. That’s exactly what happened to Skyrim player CitizensofWhiterun’s Lydia, and so they finally decided to teleport to her location and find out exactly where she went. But when it came to Lydia’s location, CitizensofWhiterun found Lydia in a rather strange and unexpected location.


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After teleporting to Lydia by command on the PC console, CitizensofWhiterun discovers that she is indeed locked in a cell in the Dragonsreach dungeon. In Lydia’s cell, CitizensofWhiterun found a dead body, a cot, a locked cell door, and not much else. It’s not clear exactly how Lydia was locked in Dragonsreach Dungeon, but the general consensus seems to be due to a bug of some sort.

Considering the odd location Lydia has been stuck in, it seems highly unlikely that CitizensofWhiterun would be able to find her without using a console command. Unfortunately, this is only possible with the PC version of Skyrim, so players on PlayStation, Xbox or other platforms will have to search the whole thing SkyrimLarge open world map to find their missing companions, wherever they may be.

Something else of interest spotted in CitizensofWhiterun’s video is a goat named Hilda, many Skyrim Fans seem to have been confused while watching it. The goat is part of Skyrim . Pet Content featured in Skyrim – Anniversary Edition, and is just one of a handful of other animals the player can take with them on their adventures as some sort of bonus companion. Each animal has a different skill they bring to the table, with the goat creating it so the Dragonborn can carry more items.

Recent release Skyrim – Anniversary Edition incorporate more innovative Club content into the game, like fishing and Morrowind armor. Anyone interested can upgrade their copy Skyrim – Special Edition for just $20 or they can pay full price to get it Anniversary edition entirely possible if they don’t already own another version of Skyrim.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim – Anniversary Edition Now out for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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