Skyrim Player has a clever solution to being hysterical

An Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim players have a clever solution to avoid being unduly hindered in Bethesda’s massive open-world game.

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The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim players spend a lot of time in loot games. While exploring the huge open world, they will find all kinds of armor, weapons, food, potions, books and more that they might want to take with them on their adventure. Unfortunately, Skyrim the characters can only carry so much weight before they reach their limit and become too barren, making it impossible for them to run without dropping some of the items they’ve collected.


There are different ways Skyrim players can avoid being unduly hindered or improve their situation if it happens to them. Besides simply discarding excess items, Skyrim the player can take the potion to temporarily increase their bearing weight. They can also accumulate points into Stamina so their characters can carry more items, and of course, they can always leave equipment they’re not actively using in their home inventory.

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Skyrim the player can move fast while being overly obstructed if they get on their horses, and doing so can help them get home faster to drop more loot. But if Skyrim Players who don’t want to split with the excess, they can get creative, as shown in a video uploaded by Reddit user CarrBock.

In the video, Skyrim the player seems to have dumped some of their extras into a wagon, and they’re pushing their wagon through the game’s open world. Skyrim there is a big open world full of mountains and rough terrain, so this may not be an ideal solution in the long run, but it’s something players might want to try.

One of the main attractions of Skyrim is how it allows players to be creative when it comes to exploring the world and overcoming its obstacles. This degree of freedom also extends to other areas of the game, such as when creating Skyrim character. One player even tried to create a Skyrim Thor character building without using any mods thanks to the various items they can earn just in the vanilla game.

The vanilla version of Skyrim crammed with content that will keep players busy for hundreds, if not thousands, of hours, but players can expand the game even further with mods. Have a lot of Skyrim mod other than that, some of them can go a long way in prolonging one’s time with the game even further. It will be interesting to see if future Bethesda projects will be like the upcoming one Starfield offers the same degree of freedom Skyrim brought to the table, with or without mods.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim – Anniversary Edition Now out for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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