Skyrim Icarus Inspired Survival Game Coming In December

Paving the way for Icarus, an upcoming Skyrim-inspired survival PvE game created by Rocketwertz as it has finally revealed a release date.


Rocketwertz revealed that Icarus, a brutal upcoming survival game designed to provide a “Skyrim comments “for players, now has a release date. From the creators Day Z, Icarus is a session-based PvE game about surviving an “alien world determined to kill you or tear you apart”.

According to RocketWerkz, Icarus will be released on December 4th. This good news follows the game’s first release window in Augustand since then, RocketWerkz has opened up a series of beta weekends for players to pre-order to experience what’s on offer over the past few months.


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“After three months of beta testing and feedback from one of the most engaged gaming communities I’ve seen, Icarus is ready to launch,” Founder and Developer of RocketWerkz Dean’s Hall. Icarus Supports solo and co-op with up to eight players among the missions spanning the original planet meant to be a Second Earth. Every By Icarus intense gameplay, it emphasizes exploration, hunting, and gathering to survive a multitude of dangers such as game-changing weather events, toxic atmospheres, and wildlife devilish. Players are thrown into the trenches as the game emphasizes the urgency to craft and keep stock because of the limited time in the familiar alien world.

The survival aspect of the game is designed to provide a “Skyrim for players familiar with the open-world exploration game PvE. The release Icarus The trailer shows that the planet possesses three biomes (desert, arctic and temperate forest) for players to explore. The developers show that the planet has a “hot temper” when advising players to prepare for what they will encounter. The challenges of gathering supplies, ensuring the character has oxygen and food, keep players trying in remote areas. They can also acquire rare exotic items that they can craft into cutting-edge technology on their ships.


Each mission is performed on Icarus limited, increasing the pressure as the player fights against the clock to get back to the orbiting ship in time. As players collect and craft, the game allows them to build settlements as refuges on the planet and forge machines. Icarus also give No Man’s Sky dwarves With exploratory aspects in Skyrim inspiration, the open world sessions engage players with beautiful graphics.

Icarus Available for pre-order on Steam with a limited time 10% off sale that ends on December 13th. But beyond that, players and developers have been releasing a ton of videos about each beta weekend and new developments on the game. per YouTube and Icarus‘site, Icarus survived. Fans won’t have to wait much longer as December approaches, but there’s still time to experience the Community beta weekend that will take place November 20-21.

Icarus will release on December 4 on Steam.

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The source: Icarus survived, PCGamesN

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