Skyrim: How to get Shadowrend

Shadowrend is a new two-in-one weapon included in Skyrim Anniversary Edition that can only be obtained when the player defeats a shadow of himself.

Skyrim How to get Shadowrend Geyser

Shadowrend is a unique weapon in Skyrim as it has many forms, although only one can be used at a time. It was originally introduced with Elder Scrolls series in Oblivion, is part of the Island of Haunting Island DLC, and is brought to Skyrim in 2018 through Creative Club. Shadowrend is also included with Anniversary edition.

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How Shadowrend . Works Skyrim To be similar to Dawnfang and Duskfang, except that the player can change the weapon’s form without limitation of day or night. It can take the form of a two-handed Greatsword or a two-handed Battleaxe with the relative strengths and weaknesses of each weapon.


Shadowrend Stats and Effects

Skyrim How to get Shadowrend Geyser Pool Eastmarch Atronach Stone

Shadowrend in the two-handed Greatsword form is slightly faster than the two-handed Battleaxe form, although the Battleaxe does slightly more damage and is a bit heavier. However, both forms have the same Weaknesses to Magic enchantments.

  • Equipment Type: Two-Handed Great Sword OR Two-Handed Battleaxe

  • Greatsword

    • Raw Damage: 25

    • Inventory weight: 23

    • Gold Value: 2500

  • Battleaxe

    • Raw Damage: 26

    • Inventory weight: 27

    • Gold Value: 2750

  • Enhance: Deals magic weakness to 15 points, making the target 15% weaker by magic for 30 seconds

  • Enchanting Use: Free / Unlimited Use

Because Shadowrend has no associated Enchantment fee bar, Weakness for Magical effects are caused with every swing, no problem. In either form, Shadowrend is a great weapon for Heavy Armor Mage who specialize in melee combat, but get ready to switch from Shadowrend to your spells quickly to darken. Maximize the effect of the weapon.

How to get Shadowrend

Skyrim How to get Shadowrend Black Pool Skeleton

Shadowrend is found through a simple quest line. Head to the Atronach Stone in Eastmarch and head northeast until you see a black puddle containing a drowned skeleton. Shadowrend is found when the water begins to bubble and bubble, floating right above the pool. When the player picks it up, the quest The Shadow Within begins and the Shadow spawns near the pool – This Shadow is an exact replica of the player’s, including equipment, shouts, spells, weapons and properties.

Defeating this Shadow will complete the quest and from there the player can return to the pool and transform into Shadowrend’s form whenever they like – if the player gets tired of the Greatsword, they can switch to Battleaxe (and vice versa) by interacting with the image of its alternate form here.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5 as well as Xbox One and Series X | S

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