Skyrim Glitch features a revered dragon head sticking out of the ground

A Skyrim The player encountered a rather strange incident where one of the game’s dragons was seemingly buried up to its neck in the ground. Bethesda is working on that now The Elder Scrolls 6, one thing many fans will be wondering is whether the next installment in the long-running RPG franchise will be as glitchy as the developer’s previous work. After almost 11 years, players are still finding some strange issues to worry about, even if some of them are quite amusing.


Anyone who played the 2011 epic will know that dragons are an integral part of Skyrim‘s main storyline, often seen flying majestically over them before inching in to attack a village or the Dragonborn itself. However, given the bugs the game has had since day one, this essence of majesty can certainly be taken if it turns out that one of these winged beasts somehow managed to get stuck in the ground.

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That’s what Reddit users and Skyrim Player mhb2 discovered, at least. A revered dragon can be seen along the shoreline in a recently uploaded image. Except it’s not the whole creature as only the head sticks out, presumably with the rest of the body underground. Upon further reading the thread and given the “find” prompt seen in the screenshot, the dragon is clearly dead, with the user, possibly joking, saying that the corpse has been following him for days. One person suggested downloading a mod called Dead NPC Body Cleaner Remover to help get rid of the animal and at least fix this particular problem.

Things like this have been cataloged by many Skyrim Fans for over a decade and even in the last year Skyrim The anniversary edition had groundbreaking glitches. Many of the bugs are mostly superficial, even funny at times, but when they interrupt gameplay, it can become a serious annoyance, especially given that the developer has had more than enough time to fix the worst offenders.

after i said that Skyrim also has helpful bugs. The most famous example of this is when the Dragonborn places a basket or cauldron over a shopkeeper’s head, allowing the player to steal items without consequences. As useful and funny as some glitches can be, for many fans it means a sloppy approach to completing a game’s development, which is a reputation Bethesda has followed for years.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is now available for PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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