Skyrim: All Fists Fists Gauntlets

Fearsome Fists Creation is included in Skyrim Anniversary Edition brings a major change to unarmed combat – fist weapons. Skyrim Notable is the lack of fist weapons, in fact the only set obtainable in the vanilla game is the Pugilist’s Gloves, which doesn’t greatly improve their own Tamrielic fighters.

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Fearsome Fists adds 15 new Gloves and Bandages to Skyrim including nearly every type of armor get in game. Each has a separate bonus for unarmed damage that is usually proportional to armor level. For example, Hide Bra Cancer gives players about half of the unarmed damage bonus that Daedric Gauntlets deals.


How to get scary fist gloves

Skyrim Anniversary Fearsome Fists Gauntlets How to find

All 15 new Gloves and Bracelets in Fearsome Fists creation can be found in three different ways: crafting, in supplier, and in dungeons and monster loot. Vendors sell these items in their enchanted and unenchanted forms, and both forms can also be found in chests throughout the Barrows, Caves, and Castles throughout Skyrim. RELATED: Skyrim: How to get an expedition backpack

However, crafting a set of Fearsome Fists or Bra Cancer Gloves is another story. Each requires a Link Bar (or Leather for Hidden, Fur, and Leather versions) and a Leather Band or Leather. However, most of the items in Fearsome Fists are handcrafted Does not come with Enchantments to increase unarmed damage and the player must have certain perks to imbue them with these extra powers.

Fearsome Fists Light Armor

Skyrim Anniversary Fearsome Fists Light Gloves
  • Brawler’s Dragonscale Gauntlets: +16 Unarmed Damage

  • Brawler’s Elven Gauntlets: +12 Unarmed Damage

  • Brawler’s Fur Brazers: +8 Unarmed Damage

  • Brawler’s Glass Gauntlets: +4 Unarmed Damage

  • Brawler’s Hide Bra Cancer: +10 Unarmed Damage

  • Brawler’s Leather Brakens: +10 Unarmed Damage

  • Brawler’s Scaled Braaries: +10 unarmed damage

There are seven types of Light Armor added with Scary Fist, including the Fur, Hidden, Skin, Scaled, Goblin, Glass, and Dragon types. NS bonus for unarmed damage granted by the Enchantment on these Bra Cancers and Gauntlets scale with armor itself – for example, Fur Bra Cancer’s reward is about half that of Dragonscale Gauntlets.

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Since these Gloves and Bandages are classified as Light Armor in Skyrim, they benefit from a variety of skills in the Light Armor skill tree. They can also be worn as normal Armor pieces without the Enchantment (missing reduce the cost of their Gold and requires Crafting), which gives the player blades, spikes, and other decorations as new aesthetic options.

Fearsome Fists Heavy Armor

  • Brawler’s Daedric Gauntlets: +18 Unarmed Damage

  • Brawler’s Dragonplate Gauntlets: +20 Unarmed Damage

  • Brawler’s Dwarven Gauntlets: +12 Unarmed Damage

  • Brawler’s Ebony Gauntlets: +16 Unarmed Damage

  • Brawler’s Iron Gauntlets: +10 Unarmed Damage

  • Brawler’s Orcish Gauntlets: +14 Unarmed Damage

  • Brawler’s Steel Gauntlets: +12 Unarmed Damage

  • Brawler’s Steel Plate Gauntlets: +14 Unarmed Damage

There are eight types of Heavy Armors are added with fearsome Fists, including Iron, Steel, Steel Plate, Dwarven, Orcish, Daedric, Ebony and Dragonplate. Just like with Light Armor, bonus for unarmed damage on Enchanted versions of these Bra Cancers and Gauntlets scale up with Armor type – Iron Gauntlets bounty is about half of Dragonplate Gauntlets bounty.

When Heavy Armor is fragmented, these Fearsome Fists will gain additional benefits from the Heavy Armor skill tree, even though they perks don’t affect Unarmed damage buffs. They are decorated in the style of blades, horns, and other sharp objects to give the player a little more punch, well, punch.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5 as well as Xbox One and Series X | S

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