Skyrim: 12 Quality Of Life Mods We Can’t Live Without

Mods are a core part of creating Bethesda The game has such a long lifespan. Skyrim is a great example of this. The game has been out for almost a decade, but it’s still alive thanks to its community of modding enthusiasts. Hundreds of mods are uploaded every day to fix problems with the game or add new content.

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One category of mods that many people often overlook are quality of life mods, additions that focus on making a certain aspect of the game more intuitive. These can range from minor bug fixes to new mechanics that provide solid alternatives to common tasks. Here are 12 of the best Skyrim Quality of life mod that players should use. This list focuses on mods for the PC version of Skyrim special edition, although most of the mods on this list have alternatives or ports to the console.

Updated July 24, 2021 by Charles Burgar: Skyrim’s modding community continues to raise the bar each year with innovative mods that push the tool to the next level. While quality-of-life mods are not as remarkable as the new quest or animation mods, they play an equally important role in making the level as intuitive as possible. These mods can involve significant or minor changes, and they can make a significant difference and fix issues someone might have with Skyrim. This list will include two additional QoL mods that most players will want to check out, and every entry has a direct download link to the mod in question.

twelfth Bug Fixes

Bethesda and bugs are practically synonymous. Games such as Skyrim prone to thousands of possibly innocuous unique mistakes like the flying mammoth or the game breaking problem of bricking a save file. Fortunately, there are many mods that fix this.

There are too many great fix mods to list simply. The most famous fix mod is Unofficial Skyrim Patch by Unofficial Patch Project Team, a mod that fixes thousands of bugs and exploits. Other notable mods are Fixes, Actor limitation fixed, and SSE fixes, all by meh321. Havok Fix by rezy also deserves a mention. When all of these mods are used together, expect much more stable frame rates, significantly less bugs, and playability. Skyrim above 60FPS with no physics engine working properly.

Download link

11 The choice is yours

Skyrim The Choice is Yours mod

Skyrim There are hundreds of quests for the player to experience, most of which have multiple steps that can quickly flood the player’s log. It would be easier to control this if the player could decline quests, however the game does not allow the player to decline quests from NPCs.

Thankfully, the author of the kryptopyr mod has created a simple solution to this problem. The Choice is Yours allows the player to decline quests from NPCs during dialogue. It’s a small addition, but its impact in reducing magazine bulk is hard to overstate. This mod is also useful for players who want to wait until they reach a certain level before starting a mission, as some Skyrim’s Quests have rewards based on the player’s current level.

Download link

ten Stay on the system page

Skyrim Stay At The System Page mod

Release version of Skyrim back in 2011 would take the player to the system tab whenever they hit exit or start. For whatever reason, Bethesda changed this in the Special Edition to direct players to their logs.

At Site System does exactly what its name implies. Whenever a player presses exit or start, they are taken to the system tab instead of the log tab, making it a bit quicker to load save or exit the game.

Download link

9 SkyUI

Most menus in Skyrim designed around the controller and a weird tab system that never gives enough information. If players are modding on the PC version, they’re in luck. SkyUI is a great mod for updating Skyrim’s User interface to provide more information without becoming obtrusive. Features include unique icons for item types and the search bar, and an increase in the number of items the player can see at once. It also comes with Mod Configuration Menu (or MCM for short), a must for PC modders.

Download link

8 MoreHUD

MoreHUD is another UI mod that tries to give players more information without overloading them with useless images. MoreHUD has many quality of life features such as displaying magical properties on components and enchantment device while it’s out of the player’s inventory, mark which spells have been detected and display the opponent’s Magicka and Stamina values ​​in real time with numerical values. The mod is fully customizable with an MCM menu for players who only want to enable certain features.

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Download link

7 Soul Gems get multi-threaded

Enchanters and most wizards know the pain of having their large soul gems filled with tiny souls unknowingly. It’s a major inconvenience that players discourage players from carrying only high-value soul gems on their journey.

Thankfully that was rectified with the Multithreaded Obtained Soul Gem. This mod does two things: it prevents smaller souls from channeling larger sized soul gems, and allows players to fill multiple soul gems at once. Kill multiple enemies at once trapped souls now fill up with the corresponding number of soul gems instead of just one. This is a must for any spell-focused character.

Download link

6 Better control of dialogue

Dialogue in Skyrim perform poorly when the player uses the mouse to select options. It will try to select the center option instead of where the mouse is pointing. Better dialogue controls fix this entirely, allowing players to select options that aren’t highlighted with their mouse without issue. While this fix may sound small, it’s a significant quality of life improvement for mouse and keyboard users.

Download link

5 Honed metal

Isn’t it strange that players can never ask blacksmiths and enchanters to craft equipment for them? That’s what Honed Edge tries to fix. Blacksmiths and enchanters can create, upgrade, and equip enchantments for players for a small fee. Players will still need to get the materials for the item in question, which becomes more of an alternative to leveling up Smithing and Enchanting than anything else. For those who are tired Crafting Dwarf Bow and Iron Dagger To maximize Smithing, give the Honed Edge a look.

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Download link

4 Dance better

Better Jumping is one of the simplest yet most remarkable quality of life mods a player can install. In essence, this mod allows players to both run and sprint while maintaining momentum without sprinting. The configuration menu also allows the player to perform multiple aerial jumps and modify the height of the jump if they wish. Being able to jump while sprinting is one game changer to move and fight.

Download link

3 Spell And Shout Organizer

Arguably the most underrated mod set on this list is MaskedRPGFan’s Spell Organizer and Shout Organizer. These mods allow players to hide or delete unwanted things spells and screams through the flexible mod configuration menu. Anyone playing with spell packs or Shout mods should check out both mods.

Download link

2 Quick loot RE

Fallout 4’s The looting system has advanced Skyrim with Quick Loot mod. It works exactly like Fallout 4’s Loot system, which displays the items inside the container in a small panel to the right of the player’s screen for them to quickly sort through and get what they need. For the inexperienced Fallout 4’s loot menu, which greatly speeds up looting after combat or during exploration. Collecting gold from each pot is not a tedious task with this mod installed.

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first Simply Knock

Simply Knock doubles the quality of life and an immersive mod. Whenever a player finds themselves standing in front of a locked door in someone’s property, they can choose to knock instead of immediately going to the lock.

The benefit is that the owner of the property can let the player inside if they pass the Speech test or have a good reputation with the owner. This could allow players to enter the store before or after they close without penalty. Also, it can be used to check if someone is home before the player decides to rob the place. No matter how players use this mod, Simply Knock is one of the best lightweight mods Skyrim seen for quite some time.

Download link

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