Silent Hill player points out hilarious detail about ‘Konami Burger’ restaurant’s version of Fog World

One Silent Hill player points out a hilarious easter egg hidden in the fog-covered version of the restaurant ‘Konami Burger’ restaurant.

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NS Silent Hill the franchise has gone down in history as one of the best survival horror classics have to offer, and its current dormant state hardly changes that. . Although it’s been almost a decade since the last official game in the series was published, fans of Silent Hill continue to enjoy old games and discuss what a new game should look like. Recently, a player pointed out an interesting easter egg found in Silent Hill The other world covered by the fog of the game.

NS Another world infested with monsters is one of the Silent Hilltrademark of. Players are immersed in this alternate version of the abandoned town of Silent Hill throughout the game, where they are forced to run for their lives. However, the presence of grotesque monsters wasn’t the only difference between the Otherworld and the usual layout of the town.


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Twitter user BombermanHero shared two screenshots taken during the first Silent Hill game, one in the town’s default state and the other in Another World. The subject of both images is the same building, a restaurant named after Silent HillPublisher of Konami. There are some noticeable differences in lighting, but the biggest change is that the default restaurant is called “Konami Burger” while the other version of the restaurant is called “Konami Berger.”

While it may be desirable to dismiss this change as a simple typo, developers will have to create two different textures to ensure this happens. It’s much easier to just use the same texture twice, which shows that the developers made this change on purpose and hopefully people will notice. BombermanHero stated in their post that this might be the messiest thing about the first Silent Hill game, although the restaurant Konami Burger – or Konami Berger – also appears in next game Silent Hill: Origins.

As of writing, it seems other fans are equally distressed about this Easter egg. One user joked that in Silent HillAnother world, The Mandela Effect is real, which means Berestein Bear will also be found in the Other World. A second user said that the change seemed intentional, as if the developers were trying to get players to notice something. The third user responded by saying that it is very important to the lore of Silent Hill that the player knows the malicious power possessing the town can’t spell. A shy Wednesday fan noted that they assumed the typo was the word “Konami” and not the word “Burger”.

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